1 quote from and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley: ‘I thought I would stand myself a little dinner. I hadn’t quite enough sense to know. and other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley. Liber vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticæ Viæ Explicandæ. This edition includes Liber , Gematria (from Equinox Volume 1, Number 5), and Sepher Sephiroth (from Equinox Volume 1, Number 8).

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Sep 08, Motoko rated it really liked it. Jan 09, Anthony Rice rated it it was amazing Shelves: A Brief Essay upon the Nature and Significance. Lots of charts and schedules writjngs different religions, explaining gemetria – numerology, myths, tarot, hebrew. The third section “Sepher Sephiroth” is the one section that I continually come back to use all the time.

That Regardie otber to promote his work in spite of the bigoted comments speaks for the quality of the writing. Dec 21, Billy Thorton added it. Open Preview See a Problem?

and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley – Wikipedia

Only recently have I reacquired it through the magic of my lovely girlfriend. Insurance claims are handled purely though USPS. CrowleyMagick Books.

Apr 01, anne added it. The Liber being the most useful of the papers in my opinion. Just a few of us have found this to be a very useful reference book, to put it mildly.


Interesting in most cases, even entertaining, but often empty at snd core. Aleister Crowley is one of the most renowned, controversial, and remarkable figures to emerge from the Western Occult Revival era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

May 07, The Elves otjer it really liked it. Certainly vital for a deeper understanding of the connections between – I’d like to say Tarot and Kabbalah, but the connections are literally between everything and nothing. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Most useful for those well versed in Qabalistic practices.

777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley

Appendix A What is Qabalah? Sep 11, Cameron rated it it was amazing Shelves: We reserve the right to limit order quantity to coincide with inventory.

We ship using the United States Postal Service. Understand, viewer, that we will determine the least expensive and most logical way to ship your purchase — and charge you accordingly. InI purchased the mysterious Etteilla Thoth Tarot deck at my neighborhood voodoo store.

And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley – Aleister Crowley – Google Books

If you actuall have time and patience to play with the data tables in this book, then its worth wditings, and can lead to endless amounts of fun and mystery. Jul 20, Arak Noid rated it it was amazing. Lots of tables, many curated several times over a few thousand years, so it is difficult to tell what is real or not, thought it may be a matter of precision that will matter to very qabakistic.


Israel Regardie did excise it from the edition I own Weiser hardcover ISBN 0 6 qabalistkc, saying “It is a nasty, malicious piece of writing, and does not do justice to the system with which he is dealing.

Jul 26, Christopher Nicholas rated it it was amazing.

A collection of papers written by Aleistar Crowley to be used more or less as reference points, whether during practice, or writing scripture. However, even a glimpse at the text moves the imagination to recall the repetition of mythological themes across cultures, an essential skill for applying archaic wisdom to modern day problems. It is also of great help with gematria, the numerical correspondences of letters and numbers.


The has been especially helpful for numerological work, something not covered by pictoral Tarot guides. Three stars off, however, for the blood libel against the Jews of Eastern Europe in the original text.

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