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The ACI Building Code for Struc- tural Concrete includes minimum provi- sions for concrete materials and design, with a primary goal of protecting the safety. The term “curing” is frequently used to describe the process by which hydraulic- cement concrete matures and develops hardened properties over time as a. The International Concrete Abstracts Portal is an ACI led collaboration with leading technical organizations from within the SP Date.

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The BC is 2tsf. Regardless, placing concrete with chloride concentrations above the critical chloride threshold for a particular situation would result in active corrosion of the reinforcement and is therefore undesirable.

I’m 308–08 picky about location.

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

Chloride—induced corrosion of embedded metals in reinforced concrete structures is dependent on the quantity of chlorides in the concrete material. So I have decided to make underground water tank base slab as a footing for column. The whole document is for normal structures except this line. Errata are not included for collections or sets of documents such as the ACI Collection.

By Tufail Mabood Started December 7. For response spectrum methodin Etabs after assigning of the load cases we could find the eccentricity overviews options per floor diaphragm. How to secure a better job? ACI documents place limits on the amount of chlorides that can be incorporated into new concrete — these limits are referred to as the allowable admixed chloride limits.

Salman Started December The literature clearly shows that chloride concentration at the steel level must exceed a critical chloride threshold to initiate active corrosion of reinforcement embedded in concrete. So I import etabs model to safe and just take uniform water load on base slab and point load from columns.


This paper reports on research investigating the influence of SCMs replacement types and quantities on the diffusivity and critical chloride corrosion threshold.

Picked By UmarMakhzumiNovember 22, I am designing a 2 storey building columns are 12 ” x 15″, building is in seismic zone 3 so detailing require SMRF. The full and complete returned product will be accepted if returned within 60 days of receipt and in salable condition. ACI R references method 1 and 2 above and 3 european codes. Please choose a product format.

The experiments were based upon a series of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete specimens that contained 1 20, 35 and 50 percent cement replacement by fly ash, 2 6, 15 and 27 percent cement replacement by silica fume, and 3 control specimens no pozzolanic admixture. Curing measures, in general, are specified in ACI By mhdhamood Started April 6, Underground water tank base slab as a foundation Fatima Khalid posted a topic in Foundation DesignJuly 23 Asalamualaikum all, I have columns which are conflicting with the underground water tank as shown in figure.

Based on the presentations, the open discussion that followed the presentations, and the papers in this SP, evidence indicates that allowable chloride limits should be based on cementitious materials content including both portland cement and SCMs.

308R-01: Guide to Curing Concrete (Reapproved 2008)

Frequently Asked Technical Questions. Special thanks are extended to the peer reviewers of the manuscripts for their constructive comments and recommendations.

Both the systems are provided to resist the lateral 308-8. A further complication in establishing values exists due to performance-based cements in which the specific amounts of SCMs might not be known to the specifier. Fatima Khalid posted a topic in Acj DiscussionDecember 3. Another question on modal analysis lol.

Please note that world leading earthquake engineering experts have confirmed their participation in the conference. Picked By UmarMakhzumiDecember 5. Selection Of Building System Seismic. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Building Code Portal

Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? By Diwash Panta Started Yesterday at Although the Denver sessions and the papers in this SP provide a significant move forward on better defining allowable chloride limits and likely allow for refinement of current recommendations in ACI documents, more research is needed.


Early registration in different categories at reduced rates are available till 10 December Different methods of establishing threshold values that consider different components of concrete mixtures can have a significant impact on anticipated service life.

And people are following this line and refer to this document for water tight structures. The often synergistic impact of including supplementary cementing materials SCMs in a concrete mixture and corrosion-initiation thresholds is examined, where the reduction of diffusion values with time can lead to a greater impact that would be expected from variation in corrosion-initiation thresholds alone.

However, in a double storey building, I do not see a need to increase smaller dimension of the column beyond 12″, solely for providing ties at a spacing larger than 3″. I am currently working as a contractor here in Pakistan.

Sign In Sign Up. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to zci a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Because of this, most ACI documents limit the amount of chlorides in the concrete for new reinforced concrete structures.

The term “curing” is frequently used to describe the process by which hydraulic-cement concrete matures and develops hardened properties over time as a result of the continued hydration of the cement in the presence of sufficient water and heat. International Concrete Abstracts Portal.