His greatest battle is just beginningCaptain Harry Lidge has done his duty. After losing too many good men on the battlefield, he’s ready to put his. Always a Temptress by Eileen Dreyer Harry is now one of “Drake’s Rakes”, a spy organization designed to bring down the Lions, a group of. “Fueled by a surfeit of sizzling sensuality, chilling suspense, and delectably dry wit, Always a Temptress brings Dreyer’s first historical trilogy to a smashingly.

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Who’s most at risk for falling short? The eilewn setting isand Drake’s Rakes are a small band of gentlemen of the ton that have set about to foil a plot by a side group calling themselves the British Lions who want to overthrow the crown and take control. Dec 08, Elis Madison rated it really liked it Shelves: Lady Charlotte’s First Love. In all truth, probably nothing.

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It was all Kate could do not to jump. Considering how dark it was inside the coach, it was working. The characters are always worth rooting for and I always desperately want to see them reach their happy ending. From her sarcastic retorts to her moments of vulnerability I was drawn to her character.

Always a Temptress Excerpt

She laughed out loud. She snapped out of her reverie just in time to see Harry step through the door. But first he has one last mission: Third Son’s a Charm. She is really a frail, broken woman who hides behind a mask of awesome but deep down is in desperate need of a man to come fix her.


Although in his defense, the man we are talking about was a Peer of the realm as well as father figure so His technique involves deprivation of liberty, starvation and sexual harassment. We become ensnared in the lives of Henry and Kate at every turn where suspense looms larger than life.

Throughout the novel akways is forced to defend herself from a variety of men who are eager to gain control of her. Customers who bought this item also bought. Pulling on her gloves, Kate stepped out of the door of the Angel Inn and into the gray afternoon.

If he had done the slightest bit of investigation before kidnapping Kate or taken slightly less joy in her suffering, I probably would have liked him better. He didn’t expect things to go eileem as awry as they do, though, and he certainly didn’t expect to be slapped in the face with two startling facts that raise all sorts of uncomfortable questions.

Always a Temptress (Drake’s Rakes #3) by Eileen Dreyer

But inexplicably, caught like cornered prey, her body suddenly remembered. My heart broke, seriously I had tears at tempfress point when we slowly come to learn, like Harry, what Kate has suffered over the years.

Showing of 30 reviews. As for Grace, Kate kept thinking that maybe without Kate there to smooth the way, Grace and Diccan would learn to rely on each other and rebuild their marriage.

She stopped singing, though. Halfway through this dreyerr, I was depressed. Our Review This was an enjoyable book.


Always a Temptress (Drake’s Rakes): Eileen Dreyer: : Books

But this mouth was special. It was obvious that he still loved her but he was very good at denying it to himself and others. Kate is furious that he would even believe she is part of the group.

You know how easily I bore.

For the first time, she was beginning to zlways how desperate her situation was. Or is it you? An Innocent Maid for the Duke. If you love the series, love Dreyer or just love an angsty romance, pick up this series. The Honorable Scoundrels Trilogy. Louis with her husband, children, and large and noisy Irish family, of which she is the reluctant matriarch.

He was perfect with her and for her. The Danger of Desire. She was certainly wealthy. Frank sighed and reached in. The ostlers had certainly seen carriages speed through the archway before. When Harry made the accusations he did she couldn’t understand how he could think that of her.

Its up to Captain Harry Lidge to uncover the Duchess’s involvement with a verse this is the way the spies are passing messages.