Peter awakens next to Mary Jane, hearing a voice. He and Mary Jane see that its Tony Stark’s voice coming from the eagle statue in their room. Through the. Previous Issue. Next Issue. (Story) Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 (Title) Amazing Spider-Man # · Amazing Spider-Man # The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (September ) Aaron Davis: Spider-Man # (January ). Created by · Joe Quesada · Chris Bachalo. Characters, Peter Parker · Mary Jane Watson · Aaron Davis · Amadeus Cho. The Iron Spider is a fictional powered exoskeleton used by several characters in Marvel The Iron Spider armor first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # and.

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He still retains his boosted levels of strength, speed, and agility, his enhanced healing factor and spider-sense, and his connection to the “Web of Life.

In his anger, Peter almost kills him before Daredevil stops him.

Spider-Man: The Other – Wikipedia

The suit responds to mental control. Renew Your Vows Ben Reilly: Following the One More Day storyline, he apparently lost his ability to create organic webbing, although no explanation has been given for why.

Spider-Man quickly begins to “dig” into the remains of the building, and in his attempt to find survivors, he discovers that his soul was imbued new powers from the dream, including night vision, the ability to feel vibrations through his webbing, and the ability to adhere to objects via the skin on his back, allowing him to securely carry items such as the small girl he found and rescued.

In film In television In video games In novels. The tattooed thug assures Jimmy not to worry as the way he travels is by swinging from things, and there’s nothing to swing from, and that Spider-Man can’t fly. Later on that night Peter goes to Tony asking what his underlying motive is, and he reveals that he wants Peter to be his right hand man in the coming conflict. The Clone Conspiracy ” ” Spider-Geddon ” Mary Jane and the New Avengers arrive at the scene, to find that Peter’s body has been hollowed out.


And pack your bags–because we’re going to Washington.

The storyline was divided into four months, or “acts”, and each month’s issues had a different cover tint. Peter is still in a state of confusion and is having some sort of an identity crisis after his rebirth.

Judging by the amount of glass outside the window, Captain America judges that the intruder escaped but not entered through the window. Later in the night, Peter goes to the lab where his husk is and recalls the final warning of the voice: Later Wolverine flirts with MJ but to no avail as Mary Jane conceives it as another one of Wolverine’s attempts to seduce her into an affair; it turns out that Wolverine only did so in an attempt to deflect her mind from the loss of her husband.

An hour later two armed criminals with a hostage attempt to amazimg the police. Joe Quesada Chris Bachalo.

Kaine said that ‘he died and came back with all these new powers’, to which Peter responded that he had amaizng there and done that. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Investigating without his shirt, he discovers that the whole area is without power. He recovers her but now he must come up with a way to carry her and use his hands to dig their amazimg out. Peter dives, open his arms and glides using the suit’s mesh webbing, appearing as if he’s flying.

Morlun then savagely beats Spider-Man into a bloody, unconscious mess.

Iron Spider

It features a set of four mechanical legs that amazung from the back of the costume, which Spider-Man uses in combat and enhances his mobility and agility. Views Read Edit View history. In the middle of the talk, there is an audible crash from the chamber where Peter Parker’s body is kept. As the man leaves, Spider-Man feels a vibration in his web, similar to how a spider can feel vibrations when something gets in its web.


The Amazing Spider-Man Storylines. Engaging in battle, Spider-Man finds that the stingers he used to fight #5299 appear once again, but he is confused because “Spiders do not have stingers! Suddenly, he realizes that, if he can stick to walls with his fingertips, then he must be able to stick spderman to his back. Akazing becomes enraged at Tracer’s nonchalant attitude about his plans to kill Aunt May, and strangles Tracer to death.

Later on, it was revealed that she was in fact The Other from the previous storyline, and “Arrow” was a play on the word “ero”, a genus of pirate spider.

The supernatural aspects of Kaine’s ezpaol have since been revisited in the Scarlet Spider vol 2, where Kaine sporadically uses some of his “Other”-induced powers. His night vision and arthropod communication powers were rarely ever mentioned after the storyline in which they were introduced, and his stingers were spidermna to only come out during special circumstances, such as when he was confronting a magical threat. Wolverine and Luke Cage fight Poison and are soon defeated, but then Mary Jane convinces him to leave.

Are you the one Peter and Tony run into Mary Jane in the hallway, who has sewn up Peter’s costume. Archived from the original on But now he isn’t afraid of what he can do and he wants to use his new powers to help people. Spider-Man is thought to be dead, and Iron Man transports his body away from the hospital.