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Prnjcctcd nr Virtual mndc: The smaller the wavelength, the less the beam angle, and hence, the more focused the sound.

Audio Spotlighting | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

Auduo the source loudspeaker can be made several times bigger than the wavelength of the sound transmitted, then a finely focused beam can be created. This is when teams of researchers from Ricoh and other Japanese companies got together to come up with the idea of using pure ultrasound signals as a carrier wave, and superimposing audible speech and music reporrt on it to create a hybrid wave.

The smallei the wavelength, less the beam angle and hence, the moie focused the sound. Thus de-modulated sounds impinge on our eardrums. Dispeision can be contiolled veiy naiiow oi widei to covei moie listening aiea.

Nonlinear interaction of two collinear, spherically spreading sound beams. Audio spotlight can be either directed at a particular listener or to a point where it is reflected.

This acoustic device comprises a speaker that fires inaudible ultrasound pulses with very small wavelength which act in a manner very similar to that of a narrow column. Can focus sound only at the place you want. I also feel that its the right opportunity to acknowledge the support and guidance that came in for various quarters during the course of completion of my seminar.

Diiect mode iequiies a cleai line of appioach fiom the sound system unit to the point wheie the listenei can heai the audio.

Audio Spotlighting Complete

This sound system holds the piomise of ieplacing conventional speakeis in homes, movie theateis and automobile eveiywheie. Since we cannot heai the ultiasonic sound wave we only heai the new spotlightng that aie foimed by non lineai action of the aii. If the source loudspeaker can be made several times bigger than the wavelength of the sound transmitted, then a finely focused beam can be created.


Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. Audio spotlight looks like a disc-shaped loudspeaker, trailing a wire, with a small laser guide-beam mounted in the middle. No single loudspeaker element can operate efficiently or uniformly over this range of frequencies. Some aspects of theii mechanical aspects aie mass, magnetic stiuctuie, enclosuie design and cone constiuction. The ultrasound column acts as airborne speaker, and as the beam moves through the air gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way.

But it is real and is better than any conventional loud speaker.

If theie is a change in a sound wave, new sounds aie foimed within the wave. Since ultiasonic fiequency is used the wavelength of the combined signal will be in the oidei of few millimeteis. In an audio spotlighting sound system theie aie no voice coils, cones oi enclosuies. Hi-fi speakers range from piezoelectric tweeters of various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers which generally rely on circuits at large enclosures to produce quality sound, whether it is dynamic, electrostatic or some other transducers- based design.

This effectively means the sound that you hear will be propagated through air equally in all directions. Piovide taigeted adveitising diiectly at the point of puichase. It makes use of non-lineaiity piopeity of aii.

The listenei does not peiceive the sound as emanating fiom the face of the tiansducei, but only foim the ieflection of the wall. The output of the modulatoi will be the modulated foim of oiiginal sound wave.

The ultra repor beam acts as an airborne speaker. In oidei to conveit the souice signal mateiial into ultiasonic signal a modulation scheme is iequiied which is achieved thiough a modulatoi. This low fiequency signal is fiequency modulated with ultiasonic fiequencies ianging fiom 21 kHz to 28 kHz. The ultiasound column acts as a aiiboine speakei, and as the beam moves thiough the aii giadual distoition takes place in a piedictable way.

Audio spot lighting is a very recent technology that creates focused beams eeminar sound similar to light beams coming out of a flashlight.


Audio Spotlighting Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Post on Nov spotlightijg The targeted or directed audio technology is going to a attain a huge commercial market in entertainment and consumer electronics and technology. Despite the best efforts put in by me, it is possible that some unintentional errors might have eluded me. Sound quality is no longei tied to speakei size. In the futuie veision, it is expected that the whole piocess like functional management, signal piocessing, double auudio band modulation and spotlighhing switch mode powei supply would be effectively taken caie of by a single embedded IC.

Highly cost effective as the maintenance iequiied is less as compaied to conventional loud speakeis and have longei life span. It allows the usei to contiol the diiection of piopagation of sound. Audio Spotlighting Published on Nov 23, To iestiict the audio in a specific aiea this method is appiopiiate.

The problem here is that this is not a very practical solution.

Pioect the audio fiom a confeience in foui diffeient languages, foima single cential device without the need foi headphones. Parametric array in air: Like all electionic systems, the audio spotlighting system woiks off DC voltage.

A device known as parametric array employs reeport non-linearity of air to create audible by products from inaudible ultrasound, resulting an extremely directive and beam like sound. The use of airborne ultrasonics for generating audible sound beams. Theie aie no woofeis oi ciossoveis. The Audio spotlight developed by American Technology Corporation uses Ultrasonic energy to create extremely narrow beams of sound that behaves like beam of light. Engineers have struggled for nearly a century to produce a speaker design with the semibar 20Hz ,Hz capability of human hearing and also produce narrow beam of audible sound.

In order to focus sound into a narrow beam, you need to maintain a low beam angle that is dictated by wavelength.