This site hosts documentation for openSUSE and SLES/SLED related products AutoYaST: AutoYaST Reference Manual; Zypp: libzypp Documentation; libyui. It contains additional information about how AutoYaST should handle this module. E.g. if an entry will be created when the AutoYaST configuration file will be. Bugs. Bugs are reported via and assigned to autoyast- [email protected] Changing official SLES Documentation. The official SLES .

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Set a preselection for the user. There is an AutoYaST mailing list where you can post your questions. The default name init-scripts is used in this case.

Questions you answer during the initial stage will write their answer into the control file on the hard disk. The following example shows a detailed configuration. YaST checks the signatures of files contained in the installation source.

Every entry in the list can be a port, a docmuentation range or a well known protocol name. In case you need to use the same network settings that were used for the installation, AutoYaST needs to run the network setup in stage 1 right before the registration is started:.

If there are multiple width specifications per dialog, the largest one is used. Using the disksize attribute, you can provide different configurations for systems with hard disks of different sizes.

The following elements are allowed in the mode section:. This starts linuxrc in console mode and later YaST in serial console mode. Max is the upper limit of how long objects without an explicit expiry time will be considered fresh. First of all, it is important to note that the names of the top sections in the merged XML files must be in alphabetical order for the merge to succeed. The variable is named VAL.


At this point, you can setup new openSUSE machines by installing against this server. These variables auttoyast keywords aautoyast bring the system documentaation to the point where YaST can take over with the main control file. Once you have confirmed that you have the AutoYaST packages installed on your system, you can now start to create configuration files.

This bundle is not assigned to any device or group after it is created, unless you click Next instead of Finish to autoyaxt that assignment. Do you allow autoyast to log the data of your resource into the logfile?

Suse Doc: AutoYaST – Custom User Scripts

MD5 allows longer passwords, thus provides more security, but some network protocols do not support this, and you may have problems with NIS. Never do it when using packages or repositories from third party sources. Locations can be the same as for the profile http, ftp, nfs, etc.

If the file name setting is missing, the IP address will be used for the file name. Note that not all messages during installation are controlled by the report resource.

If one of the drives crashes, data recovery will not be possible. For example, if you are installing a Web server, you may have a server configuration file httpd. After the file has been copied to the system, a script is executed.

YaST firstboot does not run by default and needs to be configured to run.

AutoYaST Development

You can increase the default width of dialog. Odcumentation behavior of this feature can also be controlled through an AutoYaST profile. In a non-trusted network or over Internet you should get the fingerprint directly on the server.

  HP C7180 PDF

Read kdump 5 for details.

This script creates an “updates” tree under the SLE installation source. Check if a needed package is installed on the configuration system. Make sure the configuration system is installed package autoyast2 and call it documentqtion the YaST control center or as root with the following command make sure the DISPLAY variable is set correctly to start the graphical user interface documentatikn of the text-based one:.

Linuxrc is a program used for setting up the kernel for installation purposes. Then AutoYaST calculates a reasonable size. You could create any number of them for different machine roles and make them all available for new installs. If stdout and stderr are empty, no pop-up is documentatioon and therefore no confirmation is needed. In addition to the pre-defined directives, you can always use post-scripts to change other things in the system.

This works by creating an autoyast control file at which you point new installations. If only one partition resource is specified, it is important doumentation use the config: Shuts down the machine after the first stage.

AutoYaST Development – Yast Documentation

If multiple installations are documentatjon on the system multiple root partitions with different fstab files, the installation will abort, unless the root partition is configured in the control file. SUSE Firewall can be configured using the firewall resource. That means, if there already is a domain element in the DNS section, you will get a second one which is not good.