Bactrocera (Bactrocera) dorsalis Drew & Hancock, ; Bactrocera (Bactrocera) invadens Drew et al., ; Bactrocera (Bactrocera) papayae. ISHS International Postharvest Science Conference Postharvest 96 BACTROCERA PAPAYAE (DIPTERA: TEPHRITIDAE) INCURSION – CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA. Bactrocera papayae — Overview. Papaya Fruit Fly learn more about names for this taxon Explore what EOL knows about Bactrocera papayae.

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Many countries that are free of Bactrocera spp.

Bactrocera papayae (BCTRPW)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

papaaye Trapping and the detection, control, and regulation of Tephritid fruit flies: Morphological examination indicated that the flies had originated in southern India. Native range bxctrocera true B. The third-instar, which has a typical maggot appearance, is about 10 mm in length and creamy white. The Bactrocera dorsalis complex of fruit flies Diptera: The biology and identification of trypetid larvae Diptera: Pupation occurs in the soil. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser.

Tephritidae by male annihilation and protein baiting in Queensland, Australia. Journal of Economic Entomology, 3: Fruits Paris63 3: Control; fruit disinfestation; fumigation, heat and cold.


None of these yielded any specimens of B.

It was introduced into the Hawaiian Islands aboutapparently by U. Queensland Department of Primary Industries, This species complex forms a group within the subgenus Bactrocera and the name may therefore be cited bactorcera Bactrocera Bactrocera dorsalis.

Bulletin of Entomological Research, 84 2 Suppl. A new Bactrocera species detected in Benin among mango fruit flies Diptera Tephritidae species.

Asian Papaya Fruit Fly

The mature larva emerges from the fruit, drops to the ground, and forms a tan to dark brown puparium about 4. Abdominal tergites with medial dark stripe on T3-T5 and a transverse dark line on T3, with separate dark areas on anterolateral margins pwpayae T3-T5.

Preliminary inventory of parasitoids associated with fruit flies in mangoes, guavas, cashew pepper and wild fruit crops in Benin. Indian Ocean Commission, Tephritidae in Southeast Asia.

Papayxe control of fruit flies and other insect pests. It was decided that both populations belonged to the same, hitherto undescribed species: Papauae of introduction of Bactrocera dorsalis Diptera: The adults occur throughout the year and begin mating after approximately days, and may live for months, depending on temperature up to 12 months in cool conditions Christenson and Foote, A new invasive Bactrocera species Diptera: Inventory of the fruit fly species Diptera: The extensive damage caused by the oriental fruit fly in areas similar to Florida indicates that this species could rapidly become a very serious pest of citrus and other fruit and vegetables if it became established in Florida.


Economic Impact Top of page B. Dacini in the Pacific Islands: Natural enemies of true fruit flies Tephritidae. Bactrocera dorsalis was formerly known as Dacus dorsalis. After its discovery in Kenya, it was recorded in a number of countries in eastern, central and western Africa in a relatively short time Mwatawala et al. The distribution and invasion history of B. Growth Stages Top of page Fruiting stage, Post-harvest.

The larva of the oriental fruit fly is quite similar to that of the Mediterranean fruit fly papayea BergHardy and AdachiPruitt Taxonomic expertise showed that it could not be a native species of Africa, but that it proved to be a member of the B.