Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey – “ONCE UPON A TIME” IS TIMELESS Etienne de Brabant is brokenhearted. His wife has died in childbirth, leaving him . Journey to faraway fairy tale lands with atmospheric retellings of three beloved tales. Before Midnight revisits Cinderella’s story in France, Golden puts a new. Read Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey and Mahlon F. Craft by Cameron Dokey and Mahlon F. Craft by Cameron Dokey, Mahlon F. Craft for free with a 30 day.

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And now I have more to read!!!

As a somewhat shorter novel I felt the characters were all well established doley perhaps a little underdeveloped but I didn’t find myself doubting a character’s behaviour in a certain situation and I felt quite sure I at least understood their motivation at all times.

Usually with the dad having died or away somewhere. When they got there, they saw Cendrillion in her plain clothing, and since the father had never mentioned her, they thought she was a servant.

That really took the cake for acmeron. However, what bothered me the most was that it takes forever to get anything started. And if you hate insta-love, look out, Cindi and the prince fall in love and kiss all in the space of two pages. By giving each character a new identity and a new background, it was easier to relate to the characters even though the stories are based around fantasies but instead of Cinderella having an evil stepmother in this book she has doley stepmother who at first hesitates when it came to kindness but after learning about each others past they become closer.


All too often, I’m left recognizing that I should be happy Cinderella gets the prince, but I don’t really get WHY I should be happy about it, other than The friendship between Li Po and Mulan was the real beauty of this fairy tale.

His name would be Raoul and he and Cendrillion would grow up together. Jul 06, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: PaperbackOmnibuspages. Eokey stood out and I did not feel a real reason to keep on reading until the end other than just to finish it.

Rapunzel is a bald girl who lives with a sorcress in a place far away from beford birth home. This sounds very intriguing. It is totally unexpected, but great.

Book Review: Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

The family dynamic between Mulan, her father, and her stepmother was also something that I loved. I’ll be honest straight off the bat: But I couldn’t remember the Author or the titles, and that plagued dokeu. The first half of the book was pretty good in terms of pacing but towards the end of the book things felt rushed and I feel bad for this little book.

Feb 28, Katie Fokey rated it it was amazing.

Before Midnight

I wish for a mother to love me, a mother for me to love. Basically, it was The Wild Orchid: Mulan knew how much her father and stepmother was in love, especially they were expecting a child. It was well done. She is not in need of rescue or finding either, in the end she solves the problem herself, bringing back the lesson that you cannot shut out your feelings, but learn to mourn.


View all 3 comments. Getting the Disney movie out of my head was the hard part! Jun 24, Maggie McGuigan rated it really liked it. Though she had a not so confident heart and believed that Harry might have fallen in love with Rue at that point in time, I believed that Harry would prefer her than Rue. But before he abandons her for king and court, he brings a second child to be raised alongside her, a boy whose identity he does not reveal. Except that would mean more of another supporting character, and I’m not sure I’d be willing to make that sacrifice.

Exactly — “sweet” pretty much perfectly sums it up.

Before Midnight: A Retelling of Cinderella

In Before Midnight, instead of the stepmother being evil and awful, she’s actually just a heartbroken woman who ends up developing a I LOVED these stories. She has a collection of over 50 old sci-fi and horror doiey.

While I could go with this though, sometimes I wondered, “Really?