For many, the Temple of the Frog is synonymous with Blackmoor. Over the years the Temple of the Frog has been presented in many published versions. DA2: “Temple of the Frog” (), by Dave Arneson and David J. Ritchie, is the second of the four Blackmoor adventure. It was published in. Temple of the Frog (Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor) [Harley Stroh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For thirty years, no name has been more.

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JDJarvis April 28, tem;le 1: Ritchie[1] [2] with cover art by Denis Beauvais [1] and interior art by Mark Nelson. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I don’t recommend it DA2 might be okay if you can deal with the acres of boxed textbut it does offer the skeleton of a good adventure and it gets the basic premise of location based exploration adventure right.

Temple of the Frog

The keying is so minimal that there’s no real description of the dungeon areas. This article contains spoilers! Both give a pretty good idea of how folks played circa I decided to run them through all of the editions instead. Legions of mind controlled guards clashing with each-other.

Why the Temple of the Frog, Dungeons & Dragons’ first printed dungeon, seemed unplayable | DMDavid

Back then, people would know what to do with such an adventure, because that is how they played it. I reduced the number of guards because I was sure they were a typo.

Players needed Chainmail for that endgame. Before describing the frog temple a two page spread lays out the hierarchy of the temple and its fate at the hands of the space invaders. Statistics are only provided for a few enemies, and the entire leadership of the Temple, including the alien High Priest, aren’t stated up.


While the ‘dungeon’ in “Temple of the Frog” is a series of rooms containing a small variety of foes the larger situation is poised on the edge of sliding into chaos – a chaos that a smart group of players can foster and move about in. The Dungoneer 3 Borshak’s Lair Feb: No objectives are given.

The cult grows stronger, weirder and has three factions within it: Guy Fullerton April 27, at 8: That’s exactly how Frogg describe the first level – as a bunker complex like something out of the cold war or one of the underground factories of WWII and indeed the map has some minor similarity to real WWII and cold war bunker complexes. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Ritchie must’ve done a great deal of re-writing and fleshing out with Arneson’s notes. This is the module also written by Arneson in as a rephrasing and expansion of the original “Temple of the Frog”. The Temple itself is well enough described with strange machines to produce high-tech luxury goods of the glass trade bead varietyand an intricate and functional map.

Views Read Edit View history. Infiltrate and assassinate the leaders of the Frog Brothers – This seems to be the idea that Arneson endorsed, given that his rewrite of the adventure features a lot of speculation on what happens if the party tries various infiltration methods and an NPC backup team – presumably replacement PCs who might rescue the party when they fail?

Obviously, he knew how to make the temple succeed.

You shall know Tsathoggua by his great girth and his batlike furriness and the look of a sleepy black toad ftog he has eternally. I don’t follow — what’s the significance of whether ToH was written prior to TotF’s publication? The temple vexed me, but I had skipped the introduction, so I never even saw the strangest parts.

My inspiration eventually was from an old episode of the original Star Trek television series.

Playing It [ edit ] Bladkmoor lies the problem with the Temple of the Frog: I don’t demand much, but I had to guess that that the ths tunnels of the Temple are dirt based on the terrible cross hatching it makes the rooms hard to find on the lower level map. I think Temple falls a bit short, but not by much, and at its core its a better adventure then a lot of later stuff.


Dungeon of Signs: The Oldest of the Old School (part II) – Temple of the Frog – The First Module?

Even if my players could handle the threats, I saw no way to make it fun. For the record, you can check out Acaeum. Temple of the Frog begins with pages of backstory. In the campaign, the characters had recently lost the City of Blackmoor to invaders from the realm of the Blckmoor of Coot and as a punishment the player characters were banished to the Dismal Swamp. Pages using deprecated image syntax All stub articles. Blackmpor Irwin May 1, at This second module takes place 30 years after the defeat of St.

In reality the adventure was written with Dave’s original system in mind. Well that’s part of what’s interesting for me – since Temple is a really early work there’s no existing scheme to work off of – I really think looking at it it’s an effort to determine “What does one need to have other people run your adventure”? The only reason I see to say Temple of the Frog isn’t the first published ‘ready to play’ adventure would be to denigrate Arneson’s contribution to the game or because one disliked the content.

Do you have references beyond Ripvanwormer’s article at the Vaults? This is a paranoid’s home from Las Vegas built in the ‘s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I never cracked it.