Grab Evan’s free mini course superherominicourse Daily. 1st drawing in a new sketchbook. Who remembers this guy from the 90’s? Badrock from Youngblood comic. ORDER MY SKETCHBOOK NOW! Cartoon Block Sketches Vol. 1: The Art of Evan Burse by Evan Burse via @kickstarter.

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Evan Burse is the creator of Cartoon Blocka popular Youtube channel on character drawing tutorials.

Cartoon Block Sketches Vol. 1: The Art of Evan Burse (Kickstarter) | Parka Blogs

He’s coming up with a hardcover book of his sketches. Seen any other art-related Kickstarter campaigns you think are worth mentioning to more readers.

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Cartoon Block Sketches Vol. 1: The Art of Evan Burse by Evan Burse — Kickstarter

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