The CDM Regulations came into force on 6 April and aimed to: Encourage everyone to work CDM Regulations · HSE CDM ACoP (L) . HSE: Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM ): Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) (). Related Content. CDM Approved Code of Practice (ACoP). Legislation. This topic relates to the CDM regulations which were revoked when CDM

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There is also the possibility that a domestic client can instead have a written agreement with a principal designer that the principal 207 will fulfil those duties. Domestic clients having work done on a property they intend to live in are exempt from CDM The principal contractor must be a licensed contractor.

The client must establish related procedures. The balance of where serious and fatal injuries occur has shifted dramatically in the past years. Please provide comments, including evidence ccdm available, if you wish.

Given the various background considerations, the desire to improve standards in the SME sector and reduce bureaucracy across the industry a more comprehensive revision of CDM is proposed.

Please provide comments if you wish. This will be an effective way of achieving the aim of integrated risk management. Replacing the ACoP with targeted guidance 7. Further notifications are required by project changes that affects the notification, such as the subsequent appointment of the principal contractor. CDM applied to all construction and covers construction activities such as building, civil engineering, engineering construction work, demolition, site preparation and site clearance.


The Government has clearly stated policies on the introduction of new regulations. Non-notifiable projects are those that are likely to take less than 30 days of construction time.

If the construction work involves some of the above, the overlap between the construction and non construction work should be addressed in the management arrangements and the construction phase plan. Often, clients have little knowledge of managing a construction project.

The pre-construction information covers contents, timing and format.

Firstly, an external research project which consisted of a substantial questionnaire, structured interviews, focus groups and open meetings and workshops. CDM continues to place general duties on designers.

On notifiable projects, contractors must promptly provide relevant information to the principal contractor. The client is the party for whom the project is carried out. HSE believes that this approach will be more easily understood by small or medium sized employers than the current one set out in CDM This edition is a complete re-write from the original and revised ACoP’s that were written for the CDM regulations The client must establish the need for this, with assistance from designers.

Proposals to replace the CDM Regulations

Two thirds or more of fatalities now occur on small sites — sites where fewer than 15 people work — which is the reverse of the historical picture. The principal contractor develops a health and safety plan from the pre-construction information provided by the CDM coordinator and by ensuring that the plan is followed.


Even when a Health and Safety File is not required, as-built and operational and maintenance information are required. Evaluation of CDM The evaluation of CDM was one of the largest post-implementation evaluations undertaken by HSE, reflecting the more than two million workers subject to its requirements.

No — Please provide comments if you wish. Is this approach acceptable to you?

CDM Approved Code of Practice (ACoP)

All focus should be on the actions necessary to reduce and manage risk. The evaluation consisted of three elements. Additional duties are also placed on the Client, Designers and Contractors. The following two issues in CDM have been identified as requiring re-alignment with the Directive: Domestic clients procuring work can assume the appointments to the co-ordination roles will happen automatically co-ordination roles principal designer and principal contractor and appointment thresholds — The proposals remove the CDM co-ordinator role.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. HSE believes this would be a proportionate approach.

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