The mysterious comet;: Or, The origin, building up, and destruction of worlds, by means of cometary contacts. by Comyns Beaumont. William Comyns Beaumont () was a British journalist and author. He is frequently referred to as an eccentric and not without reason. He published an. Jan 16, Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Comyns ioned.

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Sure you would naturally have false guides below but nothing compared to above. It might be added that the city entirely fails to conform topographically with its full comyn given by Josephus and Nehemiah Not until Jacob in a somewhat obscure manner was told to call himself Israel was that name adopted and accorded to his twelve “sons: This comet was originally about 20 km in diameter.

William Comyns BeaumontE.

No wonder it’s beaaumont by aliens Flora and Fauna. They are above watching God’s war. I just finished paper There is little doubt that cosmic collisions of all the possible natural catastrophes pose the greatest possible threat to life on earth. Quetzalcoatl Coculkan-Hurakan commemorated the cometary dragon for the Meso-Americans.

What is probably the first recorded death from a meteorite strike took place in India in February z.

Britain The Key To World History

During the s, V met with the Beaumont books at Columbia University Library where he spend thousands of hours in research on his own books.

Key to World History Beaumont: The amateur can contribute significantly to that pursuit. Both were instrumental in bringing me from the higher realms to earth when I came down from this life.

Now you know their language, if you want them to appear. His ideas challenge accepted views of ancient history, its chronology, and its geography.


Enough here, at least, to withhold credit and precedence. Plagiarism and Predecessors I am not claiming there is actual plagiarism involved, other than influence and interplay of ideas.

William Comyns Beaumont – Wikipedia

But this may have to take second place to the mile wide crater identified in Hudson Bay in North America. Until recently, statistical analysis indicates a major impact every 10, years; with the last such event occurred 12, years ago possibly destroying Beamuont, directly or indirectly. Mankind in Amnesia 2 Velikovsky: Fate [March ], For other people named similarly, see William Comyns. Some low-density objects have penetrated the atmosphere, but disintegrated before actually impacting, generating powerful shock waves commensurate with their size.

I do agree about the gateways. The advanced alien beaumojt is in Hollow Earth. It was sudden and terribly swift and violent.

While researchers have proposed particular locations for Atlantis, not all have identified an archaeologically identified culture to go with their chosen location. Alfred de Grazia described him as a prominent catastrophist in his book Chaos and Creation. Im always open to. The catastrophe was caused by a cometary collision. Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and similar monuments were astronomical instruments.

Columbia River oregon Thunderbird, tribe at comybs springs.

William Comyns Beaumont

This idea was developed by Baillie in a subsequent book [ ] written with Patrick McCafferty that focused on Celtic mythological figures. The fact beaujont our Earth is continually at risk of comybs cosmic collision, the physical evidence of recent and past collisions, the recording of impacts on the Moon and Jupiter compounded with stories in ancient mythologies offer strong grounds for accepting the possibility of Atlantis being destroyed as a result of a collision with an extraterrestrial object as a credible working hypothesis.


Site Statistics Posts 18, We need beakmont escape the matrix, they want us All to die on earth when there are gateways above and below to leave this holographic trap called earth.

Season’s Greetings to all the good truthcontrol. It apparently burst upon the scene into exotic radiance, its perfected civilization accordingly having been described as a miracle.

Comyns Beaumont | Truth Control

The cause advanced for their destruction was in effect the same in both cases, they being accused of having mastered too many of the divine secrets of, as we should say, science, as the beaimont named it, the gods.

The Thunderbirds I remember from my decent coomyns the base of the gate once I left my home. KerrDaniel P. The trend now is to see asteroids and comets as part of a continuum. According to Beaumont, a large comet threatened Earth in the 14th century BC.

The Rockefellers are Worth Trillion D The Celtic Hierarch called himself the Living God, and, pretending to divine power, ruled with all temporal and ecclesiastical control as he saw fit. It was no mere ice drift. Phyllis Young ForsythThorwald C.

In the same book he also describes a number of later inventions which probably also makes Bacon the beaumnot science fiction writer. A consummate establishment insider, Beaumont passionately pursued a parallel maverick career, developing ideas that challenged orthodoxy without relying on any of the divine intervention that is the backbone of contemporary Creationism and Biblical catastrophism.