CPIC National Directory: March Front Cover. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Law Enforcement Service. Technical Information Service Section, Support . maintain an up-to-date list of all CPIC users and advise the National CPIC Administrator of any changes, movement, temporary or permanent. A national forensic advisory committee is needed. 7–13 For example, the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), a backbone system that provides.

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Structured data from the Bibframe namespace is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. This document was made possible through the generous support of the Alberta Law Foundation. The remainder of the backlog is projected to be eliminated bykeeping in mind that these timelines may vary depending on other RCMP and government priorities.

Travellers should also assume that any criminal record information provided to Customs officials will be entered on their police information system for future reference. However, the existence of a record cannot be confirmed without submitting fingerprints. Harold Pfleiderer that the backlog peaked in the fall of and that the number of criminal files waiting to be entered into the CPIC database now stands atA number of law enforcement agencies have access to criminal record information through direct access to CPIC, including provincial and municipal police services.

Regina Leader-Post file photo.

Private sector employers who wish to see the record must make a formal request in youth court and convince the judge that they have a substantial interest in the record. Many Universities require a criminal records check for professional programs such as dentistry, medicine and law. Such records are archived in a special repository in Ottawa for five years after they have been purged from CPIC.

When a record has reached non-disclosure, CPIC should provide officers with no indication that a record ever existed. He used the example of a parolee who has a run-in with the law. The employer would need to prove that the youth’s record would have an impact on his or her ability to perform duties related to the job.

In other situations, the individual is responsible for covering the costs of nationao a criminal record check done. How does a criminal record impact the ability to travel? If Customs asks whether the individual has a criminal record, the individual can say “no. The criminal record release form must state the kinds of criminal record information the police service is being authorized to release.


However, the information can be removed from CPIC under the following circumstances:.

Commissioner’s Directive 564-5

The Pardon Unit also advises the police service that generated the original file relating to the pardoned record. If a person has received a pardon, and the pardon is revoked before the assigned purge date, his or her record is moved from the natiinal section back to the section accessible by all police services.

Pfleiderer said if police agencies or Crown attorneys need criminal records updated for court purposes, the RCMP can expedite those requests. There is a hard copy of all documents, as well as a microfiche copy of the accused’s file.

Do alternative measures, a discharge, stay, acquittal or withdrawn charge still result in a police record?

Canadian Criminal Record Information Services: Some agencies may request that a Fpic Criminal Record be provided, but most request that only a Criminal Name Index search be done. Both the Act and the Protocol limit the information shared to those who need to know. However, once record of the offence has reached non-disclosure, none of these agencies can disclose a youth’s record to anyone without first having gone to a youth court judge for consent. We couldn’t have done it without you!

The Criminal Records Section moves all hard copy pardoned criminal record information to the Pardons Unit offices. This temporary file is only accessible to the charging police department, who can natkonal to and review the information in it as the person proceeds through the criminal justice system. One category of criminal record information, accessible on CPIC, that contains personal information, conviction history and any other police related information.

The freedom of information and privacy acts try to balance two competing interests: For example, individuals with convictions related to fraud may be denied entry into an educational program related to bookkeeping or accounting. A private record is a record of any information obtained by any clic or organization as a result of the use of alternative measures, or for the purpose of administering or participating in the administration of the disposition.

This means that if U. In effect, once the purge date has passed, CPIC has no record of the discharged offence. Resource Description Namespaces http: Also, we natinoal aware that there are sometimes errors in criminal record keeping. The fourth part examines the legislation that governs the accessibility, care and removal of criminal records in Canada. This type of criminal record information is most often requested for employment and volunteer positions in community. Customs will enter the person’s criminal record information into their own system – where it will stay indefinitely.


Investigating police agencies, government agencies and youth courts are not required to destroy their youth records.

CPIC national directory : CIPC annuaire national – Vancouver Public Library

The Young Offenders Act legislates the handling of youth records in a number of significant ways, including:. If a person has a record and has entered the U. If you encounter questions that are not answered here, please refer to the list of contacts at the end of this document. Where information is shared between a youth worker and the school, the Protocol and the Young Offenders Act state that the information must be kept in confidence, secure and separate from other student files.

Sometimes an agency will submit the criminal record check form on the individual’s behalf and then ask the respective police service to invoice the agency. Examples include personal circumstances and any reports done for the purposes of sentencing.

When these specified time periods have passed, the automated CPIC database is purged of discharge records. Optometrists Peace officers Physiotherapists Residence officers School staff including principals, secretaries, teachers, classroom assistants and janitors Sheriffs Social service workers and volunteers Special needs workers, volunteers Students of Criminology, Criminal Justice, Corrections, Policing and Social Work Veterinarians.

How does a criminal record impact educational opportunities? This is one of the conditions related to third party access under Canadian law. This item is available to borrow from 1 library branch. Alberta enacted similar legislation in Two months after the expiration of the time allowed for the taking of an appeal; or if an appeal is held, three months after all proceedings have been completed.