Crash and Burn has ratings and reviews. Veteran comedian and radio personality Artie Lange turns an unflinching eye and his signature wit on his. Crash and Burn by Artie Lange – Veteran comedian Artie Lange turns an unflinching eye and his signature wit on his perilous descent into drug addiction,.. . At a high point in his career, Artie Lange performed a sold-out show in Carnegie Hall—and he did it with a pocketful of heroin. In the midst of a.

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At his worst, he keeps lucking out with bjrn cops and traffic accident plaintiffs. This book opened my eyes even wider as to what I’ve known and lived about addiction. In this one Artie looks hard at his life of suicidal guilt and remorse and hard drug abuse and isn’t afraid to tell the awful truth about his own bizarre behavior and self-destructive activity. Are comedians prone to depression and suicide?

It’s a long audiobook, a crrash list of excuses and dodging getting clean, as every concern gets dismissed. I liked the book and it seems to be better written then his first. This book provided me the understanding I was looking for but is not ajd book I would re-read artke recommend to others unless they are looking for the same understanding of what happened to Artie Lange.

It feels weird to say I enjoyed a book about someone’s drug addiction and suicide attempt, but I did. He never made the party, but instead used the trip as an opportunity to hole up in his hotel room with a prostitute and do drugs. I remembered him from his short stint on Mad TV and the legendary ‘pig suit incident’ in which he left the set to snort cocaine off of his car keys.

It tells the story of his fall into drugs, how he lost everything and his slow, halting recovery. Fans of the Baby Gorilla won’t want to miss this. But unlike most autobiographies, Lange doesn’t portray himself as a hero, or let himself off easy. Would love to hear him as a guest on Howard I for one continue to route for Lwnge. Totally recommend this book. At a high point arfie his career, Artie Lange performed a sold-out show in Carnegie Hall—and he did it with a pocketful of heroin.

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However, I was glad I stuck with it to the end.

Crash and Burn

Lists with This Book. Its show-boating at its grandest. Again, it is hard to know what to crazh of this book, other than to view it as a glimpse into the chaotic, conflicted mind of an addict.

Brn 22, Masooch rated it it was ok. You couldn’t not know how far gone he was if you listened in but the isolation, despair, vomit and shit goes a long way to prove the life of a heroin addict is not all that glamorous. Join our mailing list! Read only if you are in that type of mood. At the end of the book, he goes off on a tirade about the “one percent” of his so-called friends who, according to him, went beyond abandoning him to screwing him over when he was in the depths of his addiction and depression, saying more than once that he’d kill them if it were legal.

Crash and Burn (book) – Wikipedia

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. He slipped and fell, tearing the ass crack of his jeans so he could feel the cold night air bunr them. Too Fat to Fish was great too. I am a person in recovery, so my views correlate to Artie’s. He takes us through all the mechanics of giving up, the lost soul thoughts which permeated his every waking endeavor. You would think that his suicide attempt early in was his wake-up call, his rock bottom moment, but he’s relapsed a time or two since.

Still, that’s why I read books like this, to give myself that feeling of: This book was recommended and given to me to borrow by a friend, who is a fan. I realize after finishing this book what a lagne and wonderful entertainer and person Artie is, and how much I miss listening to him. We see him throw bburn relationship after relationship only to hear him say how he regretted it, got it back, and threw it away again.


I’m going to find his new artis show and try again to listen to it.

Now, we finally have the full understanding as to why that was. And despite his slip-ups, backslides, and permanent losses, Artie forges on. Here’s to hoping he lives long enough to write a third volume.

He shouldn’t, being a comedian. At times I thought he was a complete ass, others a real family boy but all through it I felt he was really driven to feeding his ego.

If you are an Artie fan, I’d imagine this would be a good read. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Arthur Steven Lange, Jr. Nov 08, William Flow rated it really liked it.

The part about his younger girlfriend came across as a little creepy, and now that they have broken up it comes across as even more wrong. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jan 14, Jeremy Maddux rated it it was amazing. His drug use make him act in ways that artei not in his best interest, such as nodding off on the air on the Howard Stern show. Artie Lange is a comedian and actor who has performed in sketch comedies, movies, TV, and radio.

As a longtime Stern fan, to understand what happened was my motivation for reading this book. They Call Me Baba Booey. I liked Artie Lange on the Howard Stern show. One of the funniest guys there is. Culminating in his well-publicized suicide attempt, this book also details his long recovery period, relapses, episodes of self-loathing, and his ultimate decision lahge embrace life, leading to the revitalization of his career and the rekindling of a romance that almost ended before it had a chance to start.

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