My interest in Driftglass stemmed from reading a James Blish short story called Surface Tension. In that story, humans have to adapt to a ocean. “Driftglass” is a lovely story about a type of military unit which uses technology to allow humans to live underwater. The main character, Tio Cal. Driftglass [Samuel R. Delany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Science fiction by a master of the genre.

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The latter concerns a new and drastic career move, and the life of one barred from it by chance disaster, poetic and quietly tragic.


The collection shows why Delany is often ranked with the likes of Gene Wolfe as one of the foremost literary stylists in science fiction. Russ rated it really liked it Feb 14, However, Delanys language and habit of throwing you straight in to the plot can make the stories hard friftglass penetrate.

Heinlein may have come up with the term himself, but there is one earlier citation: Published November 1st by Roc first published July Delany’s aunts were Sadie and Bessie Delany; Delany used some of their adventures as the basis for the adventures of his characters Elsie and Corry in the opening novella Atlantis: Maybe the “craziest” selection of the bunch, but still affecting in its odd way.

Here are the titles of the stories in this collection: The Star Pit This story pretty much hits you right in the nose with its theme, which is our reaction to human limitations. As for what was going on in RiftonI’m dlany I could pinpoint it as well if I go find my copy of Heavenly Breakfast I recall several trips upstate.


On the contrary, it reinforces the joy of the hunt, emphasizing what is very much a human endeavour. What is obvious gains a new significance in a science fictional treatment, and the emphasis on ‘ordinary’ men and women only seeks to heighten such an understanding. Overall, the stories were enjoyable, driftglss only one or two that left me scratching my head or flipping ahead.

As one other reviewer wrote here, one gets the sense that Delaney might be working out large ideas that he’d explore further in larger novels. Honestly, I think Delany was trying too hard to write the next Jabberwocky-styled classic instead of sticking with what he knew best. In some of his longer works, I sometimes feel like I’m lost and that I don’t know exactly what he’s doing in the overall narrative or why a particular piece of the story is so important.

He has had several visiting guest professorships before and during these same years. And it’s even better, developing a rather more complicated system of ideas about freedom and superceding constraints of place and world-view.

The Hen or The Egg?: Driftglass- Delany

In the hospital she meets telepathically Buddy, a young man with a limited intellect and a history of getting into trouble. And now I realize he didn’t really write that much short fiction. That is not to say they are connected stories in fact, there is little linking them except some themes and the author but, as a whole they explore similar subjects. Feb 22, Austin rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 21, Maria Chiquinha rated it it was amazing. In the world of this story, some humans, before adolescence, elect to join an aquatic corps, where they are biologically modified.

This encounter would seem to be the clear antecedent to the outsider gangs featured both here and in much great depth in Dhalgren.


Driftglass, Samuel R. Delany (Part 1) | Garbled Signals

Bill rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Driftlass marks an incident that particularly stuck with him: Novemberof course, falls during Delany’s stay in the Heavenly Breakfast commune in the East Village, and it shows.

Driftglass collects Samuel R.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is a longer one and it benefits from the greater development. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. One of the best short stories I have ever read in any genre. Along with his apparent film work, see the detailed chronology here.

Put them in water and they become transparent again.

I would definitely give this or Babel to someone as their first introduction to Delany, since they’re both deoany digestible than Triton or, god forbid, Dhalgren. Delany was far ahead of his time, not so much with the nuts and bolts engineering aspects but with the relany insights, the attitudes to questions of gender, sexuality, culture. In that story, humans have to adapt to a ocean planet by becoming something more than human, but if I remember correctly certain basic human drives remain consistent, such as the need to know what lies beyond the world of comprehension.

In his first known use of the term, in his essay “On Writing of Speculative Fiction,” Heinlein driftglaass it specifically as a synonym for “science fiction”; in a later piece, he explicitly stated that his use of the term did not include fantasy. Notify me of new posts via email.