The High Lord has ratings and reviews. Alice said: This last book in the trilogy is the best by far. I really enjoyed it. I’d recommend read. Buy El gran Lord / The High Lord (Cronicas Del Mago Negro / Black Magician Chronicles) Translation by Trudi Canavan, Carlos Abreu Fetter (ISBN. Buy El gran lord by Trudi Canavan (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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El gran lord / Trudi Canavan ; traducción de Carlos Abreu Fetter | National Library of Australia

The characters were well developed and the world building great. Allerdings vergeht bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt xanavan laaange Zeit. There was no explanation as to why Sonea wanted to go home so badly. Fergun me ha parecido lo peor. Surrounded by a whole Guild of old, serious magicians, Lord Dannyl stands out with his curiosity for gossip and gay rumours.

Excuse lors language, but really. Or, perhaps, I read more than I check this website. Argh, I’m angry now. Jun 18, Alice Bridgwater rated it liked it Shelves: If you want to read an enjoyable trilogy with a meager first novel, go read this trilogy. The ending wasn’t worse than the entire book: I suppose then their determination to stay together would have been a bit more difficult to express, but I think it would of worked better.

I thought the relationship would have been a lot more convincing if Akkarin didn’t hesitate canavvan just 30 seconds before throwing all thought of Agreed.

View all 6 comments. I like my lorf in shades of grey, not black and white, and I’m sick of protagonists that are born more special than other people, rather than character development and hard work making them more special, so I guess I should have known this one wouldn’t thrill me. I’m not really sure what made me ccanavan to pick this up again last week but I just really wanted to finish this series.

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The High Lord

It’s full of tropes! But she cannot forget what she witnessed in the High Lord’s under In the city of Imardin, where those who wield magic wield power, a young street-girl, adopted by the Magician’s Guild, finds herself at the centre of a terrible plot that may destroy the entire world They’re light, easy reads, in my opinion. She is now working on the sequel trilogy, and planning her next fantasy series, which will be set in an entirely new world.

Even if she has magic!!! She is really angry and throws a stone with all her might. If this were a standalone, I would not have recommended it to anyone, because it was simply a boring story with a lot of redundancy. And that constitues half of the book. truddi

The Magicians’ Guild

The action itself definitely had me on edge. Possibly, if I gave this more of a chance, this would grow on me as I like coming of age, process of discovery, magic school books – which is where Ell suspect this is headed.

The good guys win in the end, though neither the good guys nor the bad guys are who you thought they would be.

Maybe that’s a little sarcastic, but the constant inclusion of invented words loed common, real-world concepts is really annoying. The first half of the book drags on and on while Sonea runs away from the magicians who are trying to catch her because if she doesn’t get their help she’ll die and probably blow up half the city with her. This last book in the trilogy is the best by far.


Normally I advocate reading books haphazardly and maniaclly, but really, these could tdudi just one big long novel if people were willing to carry around a page book. View all 3 comments. Maybe I would have accepted it more easily if there had been a little more foreshadowing and ambiguity in previous novels or if there was a bit more ambiguity in this one, but Sonea and Loreln especially seemed too willing to forgive a I really disliked the dramatic shift in Akkarin’s character that took place in this book.

I’d recommend Trudi Canavan to virtually anybody, and I’m going to go hunt down other things she’s written. The generalizations became a little too evident and in my opinion, too easy.

Querida, cqnavan sos Tolkien ni George Martin, bajate los humos. I wasn’t too thrilled gfan the first part, but the second part kind of makes up for it, and it seems like there could be interesting developments in the two other books.

The action its It wasn’t that complicated a plot, or that original a premise — to be honest, much of the setting reminded me of Raymond E.