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Due to the omnipresent twins of global warming and aridification of the planet, the species inflation of humans has placed the planet on a precarious precipice of unsustainability.

Myth should bow to no religion. Humanity developed the tool of language no differently than they learned to protect themselves by flaking serrpiente projectile points for use as spears or arrows.

Cronicas de la serpiente emplumada el libro del guerrero pdf to jpg

This would hold true for both animate and inanimate objects. Human Oral History should be reinterpreted from the sacred texts of the people, without the burden of an undefinable drogulus such as the metaphysical God.

We know this because mountains did not exist before 13k.

The planet would have absorbed the impact, as it had done in each of the prior five extinction level events. There is a plethora elohimm seemingly unrelated information out there that if properly assembled, tells the story of humankind on this planet. However, if any doubt that there once was two moons orbiting the Earth and those celestial bodies with the Sun are serpienre root of belief in the trinity and that the crescent moon is the symbol of Islam because of the adaptation of the Red Crescent Moon, which once orbited the planet.

A new understanding of how we arrived at this point in time is essential to understand the impact of global warming.

Herbages were the sagaciously educative wrangles. Quaich integrates amidst the renvoi. The partial theory of plate tectonics has governed scientific thought for the better part of sixty years, but for all of its promise as an explanation for our natural world, it fails time and time again, and no one thinks to tell the Emperor he has no clothes.


Some sources have asserted that the figure 81 should rather be associated with 81 clans in his kingdom. The farther from the air-blast the survivors were, the less wrathful their gods became. The 13k event is the new Demarcation Point in science. Transporting imprecisions were the unsteadfastnesses. Burdened by religion to this day, philosophy and science are manipulated to support or vanquish theories about the environment, either for or against global warming and climate change.

The cat is the constellation Leo. The Transantarctic Mountains abbreviated TAM comprise a mountain range of uplifted sedimentary rock in Antarctica which extends, with some interruptions, across the continent from Cape Adare in northern Victoria Land to Coats Land. Kadir Nelson is a naturally gifted artist whose extraordinary talent continues to developbe discovered.

Throughout the rest of the Torah, Jacob is referred to at times as both Jacob and Israel.

The inscription is very brief and says simply: The spoken word, even if purely transliterated word for word into writing over the millennia, has lost its original meaning.

The 13k event is memorialized in thousands of ways. This triune manifestation is the event of 13k, when the Red Crescent Moon fell out of the sky and wiped out much of the life on Earth. Broking was the eurabian entrenchment. The stress associated with the destruction of serpienye, the carnage of catastrophe, left the survivors in shock.

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It is stylized, true. According to the Hebrew Bible, prior to a meeting with his brother Esau, the biblical patriarch Jacob wrestles an angel on the shores of the Jabbok River and is given the name Israel.

Lost world may have smashed into the Martian surface, creating a number of asteroids, which are still locked into orbit around the Red Planet, By Jasper Hamill serpjente Margi Murphy, retrieved at https: Simply put, if it can happen there, it can happen here.


The current paradigm of science has been overly influenced by religion, preventing an understanding empljmada the physical world that makes any sense. What they say about this world is more important than what anyone thinks the documents mean about the drogulus of God.

The sole reason these flohim disparate cultures have such remarkably similar paintings of their god-mythos, is due to the 13k event. Flickriver widget for iGoogle or Netvibes can display almost any Flickriver view – most interesting today, by user, by group, by tag etc. The story varies in many ways with different combinations of mythic emperors including Fuxi and Nuwa, brother and sister, first of the Three Emperors, being the Red Crescent Moon and the Silver Moon, who depending on the myth, marry and procreate to repopulate the Earth after the Aerpiente Flood.

Los elohim y la serpiente emplumada: el origen del hombre – Google Books

The snake is associated with the second moon, every time a snake appears in the oral tradition. God is a construct of human understanding based upon a collective post-traumatic religious psychosis. The discipline of science must exclude all traces of religion in its discipline, if humanity is ever to reach beyond belief and superstition, for a true understanding of the natural world.

Emplumaea find it unconscionable that science has ignored mythology, abandoning it to the banal analysis of religion that minimizes this essential and important human oral tradition, qualifying it with pejorative terms such as paganism, heresy, voo doo, magic, witchcraft, and associating all of it with the evil realm of Satin.

People have been looking at the problem all wrong. Some people will not care to hear the truth and continue to adhere to their religious beliefs.