Flixborough disaster By: Paradigma Carlo Giovanni. Picture taken 5 days after the Nypro Flixborough Disaster which happened on June 1, Pic by George Schofield, of Barrow-on-Humber. 1 June is the 40th anniversary of the Flixborough disaster, an explosion at a chemical plant sited on the banks of the River Trent in Lincolnshire.

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When the bypass was installed, there was no works engineer in post and company senior personnel all chemical engineers were incapable of recognising the existence of a simple engineering problem, let alone solving it. Football News Who is Olufela Olomola?

The possible sources of zinc that could cause such an embrittlement attack were the galvanized stairways and the wire securing the lagging. A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size.

The site was demolished inalthough the administration block still remains. It was opened dlsasterbut demand for caprolactam had fallen and on July 22,it was announced that the rebuilt Nypro works would close by October 31, with the strong workforce made redundant.

Outside the works injuries and damage were widespread. The actual pipe sizes ranged up to 28in. HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. For plants containing materials that might explode, the safety of the plant layout and equipment location should be considered.

We had a contract with flixorough Hamburg firm and, if my aged memory serves me correctly, we were bringing in 30, tonnes a week in small coasters.

Flixborough disaster

Critics of the inquiry report therefore found it hard to accept its characterisation of the plant as ‘well-designed’. This was originally produced by hydrogenation of phenolbut in additional capacity was added, built to a DSM design in which hot liquid cyclohexane was partially oxidised by compressed air. Places Forest Pines to become North Lincolnshire’s second Hilton hotel as it joins global brand It dieaster one of five Q Hotels properties to be rebranded under the DoubleTree by Hilton name under a franchise agreement.


The Court could still be right that a single unsatisfactory modification caused the disaster but this is no reason for complacency. Failure had been accelerated by contact with molten zinc and there were indications that an elbow in the pipe had been at significantly higher temperature than the rest of the pipe.

No one escaped from the control room. Neither when they were first built, nor now that they are in operation, has any local or government agency exercised effective control over flixxborough safety. Around 1, buildings within a mile radius of the site in Flixborough itself and in the neighbouring villages of Burton upon Stather and Amcotts were damaged, as were nearly in Scunthorpe three miles away ; the blast was heard over thirty miles away in Grimsby and Hull.

The cyclohexane oxidation process was performed in a series of six reactors, each holding about 20tonnes. Flixboriugh pressures and liquor displacement resulting from this it was argued could have triggered failure of the inch bypass.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June 1974

The disaster was caused wholly by the coincidence of a number of unlikely errors in the design and installation of a modification. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. The plant was intended to produce 70, tpa tons per annum of caprolactam but was reaching a rate of only 47, tpa in early Nypro had recognised this to be a weakness and identified a senior mechanical engineer in an NCB subsidiary as available to provide advice and support if requested.

At Flixborough, 28 workers were killed and 36 others onsite suffered injuries. Immediately after the accident, New Scientist commented presciently on the normal official response to such events, but hoped that the opportunity would be taken to introduce effective government regulation of hazardous process plants. The plant produced caprolactam — a raw material for Nylon 6, used in the manufacture of clothing, carpets, fishing nets, ropes, and belts.

The foundations of properties severely damaged by the blast and subsequently demolished can be found on land between the estate and the village, on the route known as Stather Road. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. The inquiry report took the view that explosions frequently throw debris in unexpected directions and eyewitnesses often have confused recollections. No reference was made to the relevant British Standard or any other accepted standard.


Flixborough, 1 June | The National Archives blog

As a result, spontaneous combustion or a spray which were ignited by induced electrostatic charge, the result being a flame directed into the inside of an 8in. Significant overpressures could be developed where the release was large, and ignition delayed: The water spray had been nitrate dosed and after the crack was discovered DSM advised that nitrates were known to promote stress corrosion cracking of mild steel. Prior to the explosion, on 27 Marchit was discovered that a vertical crack in reactor No.

The initial site investigation had revealed a 50in. In the Flixborough case, there is a real chance that the death toll could trigger meaningful changes in a neglected aspect of industrial safety.

In order to maintain production, a temporary bypass pipe was installed between the No. Symposium International on Combustion Since the accident took place at a weekend there were relatively few people on site: Popular Yorkshire resort is the perfect place for a summer staycation.

The inquiry identified difficulties at various stages of the accident development in the 8-inch hypothesis, their cumulative effect being considered to be such that the report concluded that overall the inch hypothesis involving ‘a single event of low probability’ was more credible than the 8-inch hypothesis depending upon ‘a succession of events, most of which are improbable’. The oxidation unit and neighboring units were destroyed and extensive damage was caused to the rest of the site.