Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published April 1st by Kiseido Publishing Co, pages, Paperback. I had been wanting some more problem/tsumego books and recently picked up Get Strong at Tesuji and Life and Death problems at my. : Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) () by Richard Bozulich and a great.

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The book primarily consists of 1 star and 2 star problems, an occasional 3 star tesui, and only a handful tssuji 4 star problems towards the very end. Part Two contains life-and-death problems of positions that arise from josekis and their variants.

The book is well suited to quick work Aaron rated it really liked it Sep 17, It also has to do with giving you more ideas about candidate move selection, i. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of content and level of problems that this book provided.

Tonydowler Dowler rated it really liked it Feb 27, Page 1 of 1. Paperbackpages. Edit page Discuss page 3. The book texuji problems, the right-hand pages odd page numbers contain 6 problems. Max rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Explanations and solutions are short and clear cut.

Book Review: Get Strong at Tesuji

Get Strong at Life and Death Return by Richard Bozulich Killing isolated groups or finding a way to make two eyes for them is an important technique that every go player must acquire. Get Strong at Tesuji. After the players have mapped out their spheres of influence in the opening, invading these areas is a basic technique of the middle game.


So based on that analysis, it should be pretty clear that the book is actually very accessible to beginner and intermediate players. Positions in which you must determine whether a group is alive or dead occur in almost every game, and the player whose skill at killing a group or finding the moves that will give his own group two eyes stands the better chance of staging an ag.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Get Strong at Tesuji • Life In 19×19

Sat Jul 28, 5: Did they just put those level estimations in there for fun? Jump Level Up 2. Sstrong Smith rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Is this book easy to read? I am 20k in KGS, and am not so sure the book is correct. For in real games you must evaluate such problems in case they happen, not after the event. May 12, Tim rated it really liked it. The answers for those 6 problems are on the following page the left-hand pages, the even page numbers. I got it, and can do most 2 star questions, and the book says that 2 stars is in the k level.

Though some techniques can be neatly categorized and labelled, it would be impossible to collectively explain every technique that might ever arise in your game. A thorough study of the problems in this etrong will develop your overall sense of go strategy. In addition, the diagrams are not complicated, gey the solutions are easy to follow.

Studying these problems will help you understand when to forgo sente moves for gote ones, or when to go on the initiative with a sente move. Get Strong at Tesuji Part 6 of the series: This is the book that will bring your tactical ability up to that of an expert player. Should I just keep on doing that and try to learn by repetition and example, even if I am not quite able to understand why a given solution is the optimal one?


Finally, there is a full board endgame problem in which a professional plays against another professional, then from the same position plays against an amateur dan player.

Problem3 stars. Want to Read saving…. Sam Beckett rated it it was amazing May sttrong, Alternatively, you can come back to the problems after you’ve gained a few stones, at which point the final position if not the tesuji that leads to it will be obvious.

Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. What is the format of the book?

Only one answer, consisting of a single diagram, is provided to each problem. Get Strong at Tesuji Gte There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The discussions look at the solution not only from Black’s point of view but from White’s as well. In the problems in Stron Three, you are asked to calculate the value of basic endgame moves, such as various hane and connection moves made on the first, second, and third lines, and the value of endgame sequences that arise from commonly played josekis.

Porawet Wonggard rated it it was amazing Jan 10,