Scholars usually treat writings about Macrina the Younger as sources of information about historical events and persons. In my opinion, all four sources about. Gregory of Nyssa lauded his older sister Macrina as “the common glory of Life of Macrina and The Dialogue on the Soul and the Resurrection, he portrayed. St. Gregory Of Nyssa: THE LIFE OF ST. MACRINA – Kindle edition by St. Gregory of Nyssa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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And gradually her tongue dried up with the fever, she could articulate her words no longer, and her voice died away, and only by the trembling of her lips and the motion of her hands did we recognise that she was praying.

Gregory of Nyssa, Life of St. Macrina () pp. ; English Translation

She was lying on the floor, a sack had been spread on a board, and another board propped up her head, acting as a pillow. Gregory of Nyssa, Life of St. Nor in all the countryside, so it seems, was there anything so marvellous as her beauty in comparison with that of others. Do you fail to recognise the cause of such great blessings, that it is your parents’ prayers that are lifting you up on high, you that have little or no equipment within yourself for such success?

Speaking today about St. She gathered round herself other devout woman and even servants, treating them as sisters, who belonged to the same rank. Then the whole company of the men came streaming out to meet us from their apartments.

And when a suitable interval had elapsed, we considered it time to depart from the Retreat, and already our preparations nysssa being made for this, but kind protests were raised from both sides equally.

I arranged that the psalms should be sung by both sexes in rhythmical and harmonious fashion, as in chorus singing, so that all the voices should blend suitably. For just as souls freed from the body by death are saved from the cares of this life, so was their life far removed from 35 all earthly follies and ordered with a view of imitating the angelic life. Her grevory and death was made known to her brother Gregory in a dream.

Nor was she ignorant of any part of the Psalter, but at stated times she recited every part of it. In all three trials —the death of her mother and her two brothers, Naucratius and Basil—Macrina did not break and she overcame her ot weaknesses.

For it was their custom to honour friends by meeting them. Many times a day she prayed the psalms. Many, indeed, and varied, were the emotions of my heart at what I saw.


The Life of Macrina, by Gregory Bishop of Nyssa | Monastic Matrix

She had married a man of high rank and lived with him a short time. For it was not right that anything at all should be done by us contrary to what she would have wished. She induced her to live on a footing of equality with the staff of maids, nysa as to share with them in the same food, the same kind of bed, and in all the necessaries of life, without any regard to differences of rank.

As I told my own trouble and all that I had been through, first my exile at the hands of the Emperor Valens on account of the faith, and then the confusion in the Church 51 that summoned me to conflicts and trials, my great sister said This site uses cookies. He told me a story of a marvellous episode in her life, which Macrinna shall incorporate into my history and then close my tale. Notify me of new posts via email. But the band of virgins on the women’s side modestly waited in the church for us to arrive.

But they, having fulfilled the command, clave to philosophy with still loftier resolve, even striving against their own life and eclipsing their previous record by their subsequent successes. Meanwhile evening had come and a lamp [B] was brought in.

Macrina the Younger

Macrina, who in their wisdom and open heartedness, and consciousness of their identity, knew how to face the problems of the Church and contemporary society. Approaching her end, with a fever consuming her forces and pushing her ever mwcrina to death, Macrina maintained her freedom of spirit, contemplating higher truths. And now the virtue of the great Macrina was displayed.

Macrina persuaded her mother also to leave her familiar life and the services of domestics, to which she had been accustomed, and embrace a life in conformity with that of the virgins.

In fact, of all the things after which men eagerly pursue in this life, there were none with which they could not easily dispense. The education of the child was her mother’s task; she did not, however, employ the usual worldly method of education, which makes a practice of using poetry as a [D] means of training the early years of the child.

With such words repelling those who tried to talk her over, she settled on one safeguard of her good resolution, in a resolve not to be separated from her mother even for a moment 26 of time.

Such was his story; it was interrupted by 78 sobs, and tears choked his utterance, So much for the soldier and his tale. Contact Contact Us Help. Her moral and spiritual powers were united to a keen awareness that God gives Himself to man in a special way.

Her couch had been turned towards the East; and, ceasing to converse with us, she spoke henceforward to Nssa in prayer, making supplication with her hands and whispering with a low voice, nyssaa that we could 55 just hear what was said. It is Macrina’s self-mastery and transcendence of worldly concerns in anticipation of her union with Christ that mediate Christian hope to her community of virgins and so train them in the proper way to live and to face death. Her eagerness did not macrinx, but as she approached her end, as if she discerned the beauty of the Bridegroom more clearly, she hastened towards the Beloved with the greater eagerness.


With such great wealth of testimony on the life of St. When I asked her about them for she happened to be present at our deliberationsshe said with tears It is all purged away by that divine drug.

She told everything in order, keeping the sequence of the narrative. In this case it was a woman who provided us with our subject; if indeed she should be styled woman, for I do not know whether it is fitting to designate her by her sex, who so surpassed her sex. For she collapsed, and in a moment lost both breath and speech, nussa her reason failed her under the disaster, and she was ngssa to the ground by the assault of the evil tidings, like some noble athlete hit by an unexpected blow.

Saint Macrina is significant in that her brother, Saint Gregory of Nyssawas able to set standards for being a holy Early Christian woman. Our account of her was not based on the narrative of others, but our talk was an accurate description of what we had learned by personal experience, nor did it need to be authenticated by strangers. Her younger brother, Saint Gregory of Nyssawrote about her life focusing heavily on her virginity and asceticism. When in the course of conversation mention was made of the great Basil, my soul was saddened and my face fell dejectedly.

The post-Christian, post-modern world does not understand the language we are speaking.

But it [C] seems to me that the apparition spoke not so much to guide the mother to a right choice of name, as to forecast the life of the young child, and to indicate by the name that she would follow her namesake’s mode of life. Nothing of what was promised us is lacking!

When the prayer had come to its due close, fear entered my mind of transgressing the divine command, which forbids us to uncover the shame of father or mother. At 37 one and the same time he received the names of son and orphan, for as he entered this life his father passed away from it. The play on words is hard to reproduce.