Heliogabalus by Antonin Artaud, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Heliogabalus or, the Crowned Anarchist by Antonin Artaud (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. This article stages an encounter between Antonin Artaud’s writings from the mid- s and selected aspects of contemporary.

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While reading this book at a grocery store bench I overheard a 13 year old defend himself to his mom by saying “Pubic hair is not a swear.

His Heliogabalus is a tale about a madman told by another madman, the fantastic ejaculation of a poetical mind.

A long train of concubines, and a rapid succession of wives, among whom was a vestal virgin, ravished by force from her sacred asylum, were insufficient to satisfy the impotence of his passions. Artaud’s narration heliogavalus the events swallows the empire whole and then deposits it into the basin of our understanding. Elagabalus is also alleged to have appeared as Venus and to have depilated his entire body.

What Artaud actually wrote is, at its best, much better than that, as he attacks Hegalian History, as well as boldly mocking the Christian model of linear time. It’s about the Roman emperor Heliogabalus, whose reign was noted for degeneracy and excess to the point where his generals eventually murdered him for it.

Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction. Cassius Dio lived from the second half of the 2nd century until sometime after The book’s disregard for narrative is one of heliogaablus strengths, so why does it continually lapse into half-hearted narrative threads?



This pure blood, thinned and refined by the rituals, and rendered acceptable to the god of the underworld, splashes the groaning deities of Erebus, whose breath finally purifies it. Artaud finds one of his doubles in Heliogabalus, a Roman emperor who makes most other rulers look tame in comparison. Severan dynasty family tree.

Elagabalus – Wikipedia

Large archive of ancient Roman and provincial coins issued under Elagabalus, including coins of family members. From his birth in a cradle of sperm to his death on a blood-soaked pillow, Heliogabalus, Emperor from the age of fourteen, embodies the depravity and decay of Rome in the third century. Want to Read saving…. Artaud’s fascination at the time with mysticism and numerology pervades the first section, much to ill effect.

Whilst reading this, I considered for the first time the difficulty Artaud’s writing must pose for the translator. Elagabalus tried to have his presumed lover, the charioteer Hieroclesdeclared Caesar[38] while another alleged lover, the athlete Aurelius Zoticus, was appointed to the non-administrative but influential position of Master hepiogabalus the Chamber, or Cubicularius.

Bury in introduction to Hayp. Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. His work largely overlaps heoiogabalus Dio’s own Roman Historybut the texts, written independently of each other, agree more often than not about the emperor and his short but eventful reign.

Be the first to ask a question about Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist. Refresh and try again. The 20th-century anthropologist James George Frazer famous for The Golden Bough took seriously the monotheistic aspirations of the emperor, but also ridiculed him: Preceded by Year of the Five Emperors.


Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist

Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist by Antonin Artaud. The source here is historical and Artaud takes great delight in describing the religious rituals and picking apart the life and progeny of Heliogabalus. Paperbackpages. Book ratings artau Goodreads. It is an account of sorts of the decadent teenage androgynous Emperor Heliogabalus.


As a contemporary of Elagabalus, Cassius Dio’s account of his reign is generally considered more reliable than the Augustan Historyalthough by his own admission [68] Dio spent the greater part of the relevant period outside of Rome and had to rely on second-hand information. At sunrise on 16 MayPublius Valerius Comazoncommander of the legion, declared him emperor.

A questa guerra nessuno crede. The short book is composed of three sections. Later historians suggest Elagabalus showed a disregard for Roman religious traditions and sexual taboos.

Surrealism, orientalism, obscenity though not quite as outrageous as the publisher might like us to thinkan incipient fascist mentality – it’s all in there. The Emperor complied and on 11 March he publicly presented his cousin along with his own mother, Julia Soaemias. The publisher refers to it as the ‘most accessible’ of Artaud’s books – the mind boggles at what the others must be like He was called Elagabalus only after his death.