Heresies of Westcott & Hort – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Brooke Foss Westcott () John Anthony Hort () On the other side, their opponents have leveled charges of heresy, infidelity, apostasy, and. Meet the men whose disbelief compelled them to change the Bible – Wescott and Hort. See the heresy in their own words, and why they were determined to.

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I shall enlist the help even of sincere Bible believers by having them asked to write a testimony in favour of each new version. We gaze with proper disdain at the scores of competing English versions, and prayerfully wonder how any true Christian should publish or trust such corruption of the Word of God.

In each case the westott would prove fatal. It is one thing to have doctrinal differences on baby-sprinkling and perhaps a few other interpretations. When ov consider that the vast majority of modern versions of the Aestcott are based essentially upon these two ancient manuscripts, which are still used as witnesses against the text of the King James Version, it could be slightly disconcerting to some to remember that the Bible plainly tells us that witnesses which do not agree with each other are not witnessing truth.

Hort may be more than a little concerned as his letters speak for themselves concerning his doctrine, manner hhort life, and purpose. Westcott and Hort and others who follow in their train, felt that because these two Mss.

The Thinking, Theories and Theology of Drs. Westcott and Hort

The Chapter Headings were not in the original essay. Gorham properly rejected the doctrine of baptismal regeneration. In other words this paper is far past due.

In the time of the end of the age, I shall bring forth documents, which shall be written and preserved in places off I have under control, and shall use them to fragment the true Scriptures into scores of variant versions.


A careful investigation reveals that when the hirt is pursued the contentions of the essay remain essentially sound. Hort enthroned two ancient documents, or manuscripts, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. Can you not hear him? Abel had the witness within himself that he was righteous, before God, because of his sacrifice offered on his own behalf. He was mainly responsible for the wording of the oath that binds the members to a conspiracy of silence.

No less significant is the fact that both men were involved with the occult and were members of spiritist societies the Hermes Club and the Ghostly Guildand both men supposedly “talked” to Spirits of the dead.

These he used as the basis of his attack on the Textus Receptus. About the matter of the Atonement, we must all feel that it lies in a region into which we heresie have only glimpses In many cases they fought against the best scholarship on their own heresie committee Prebendary Scrivener in order to bring in those changes. The writer is deeply convinced of the great danger to the individual who trust a new Bible Version.

It proves alarmingly that being conscientiously wrong is a most dangerous state of being. Concerning the above Unitarian taking part in the communion service at Westminister June 2nd. It is the vain attempt to bring the Divine Truth down to the level of our own understanding, that has created all the dark perversions of the Hprt which have justly offended sensitive consciences, and so given to the denial of the truth itself.

That is, where is the pure Word God? We see the trend to remove the truth of the Deity of our Lord Jesus in the new readings in almost every modern version of the Scriptures. There we have a very plain statement to the effect that Hort was deliberately leading orthodox believers into the same diabolical trap into which he and Westcott had already fallen.

Whatever may be thought of it, it is a book that one is proud to be contemporary with. Scholarly criticism indicates that in some places a more extensive quote would put Dr. What I fear is that Mr.


Is there one to whom this sounds foolish? We have successfully resisted being warned off dangerous ground, where the needs of revision required that it should not be shirked. The refusal of education to them is abominable; how far they are capable of being ennobled fo it is not clear.

Christian peace comes not from sin denied, or sin ignored, but sin washed away.

They also developed a theory of kf criticism which underlay their Greek New Testament and several other Greek New Testaments since including the Nestle-Aland text. The connection of this statement with his declamation against the Textus Receptus is of great significance.

How shall we give an account to our God for such unmitigated selfishness? He dethroned the Textus Receptus.

The careful observer will note that Dr. Hort, who on his own confession, condemned many leading doctrines of the popular theology who was. On the other side, their opponents have leveled charges of heresy, infidelity, apostasy, and many others, claiming that they are guilty of wreaking great damage on the true text of Scripture.

Westcott and Hort

He Maurice may have dwelt too exclusively on the idea of sacrifice which is suggested in Hebrews Page 7 for an illustration of erroneous thinking that completely negates the value of this apparent orthodoxy. Sorrow beyond description was to be the portion of the enslaved Negro. He erred every time.

Let us now consider from is own admission the teachings for which he exchanged the glorious doctrines of Holy Scripture.

The world is also hearing the rumblings of discontent from the religious community. Here we have the wwstcott background for the modern spreading rejection of the King James Version. He would help her to understand what God meant. Virtually every new Bible version that is highly advertised today is based upon the corrupt and contradictory Mss. The scholarly Hoskier commences his preface to Vol.