Incidin Plus. Liquid concentrate for the disinfection of medical items and all surfaces. • Bactericide (incl. MRSA and TB) and fungicide. Limited virucide in. Incidin Plus. ECOMED — a wide range of medical products, equipment and tools from leading manufacturers in the world. ☎ () Two disinfectants of different composition–Incidin Plus for surface disinfection and Sekusept Plus for medical devices disinfection, both containing glucoprotamin.

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Bags – Polyethylene width 2 inch Content: Incidin is a disinfection and cleaning fluid with a special, aldehyde-containing composition of active ingredients having a wide range of use with a specifically low usage concentration in an immersion bath.

Use mop for mopping all hard surfaces.

Antimicrobial activity of glucoprotamin-containing disinfectants.

Modified behavior plus new concepts for devices and hygiene are expected to further reduce this percentage in the future. Please take note incidim the corresponding marking on the containers in which the disinfectant solutions are kept, e.

Surface disinfection for medical products A4 Clipboard Plastic Micro-Porous Coverall Professional 3. Extremely low application concentration Economical in daily use too Rapid effect Fast turnaround is possible.

Glucoprotamin proved to incidih a very effective and rapidly acting bactericidal and fungicidal agent. Innovative Service for controlled environment and clean room. Environmental Hygiene for Patient Rooms.

Incidin Extra N Content: High level of disinfection safety on all washable surfaces, especially in risk areas. Disinfectants containing amine or amine derivatives cannot be used alternately with disinfectants containing aldehyde.


Disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection of surfaces of any type.

Incidin® Rapid Disinfectant

Reliable protection of objects with high risk Can be used for surfaces, lpus surfaces and all types of tools Time saving Implementation guidance: Always read the certification marking and the product information before use. Compatible with different materials paint, galvanized and coated materials, glass, rubber, metals and other corrosion resistant and -nonresistant materials Effective cleaning and disinfection at the same time Advantages: Furthermore, 60 clinical bacterial strains with different susceptibility to antibiotics and chemotherapeutics, mostly multiresistant, isolated from different specimens from hospitalized patients were analyzed.

While using a product, you must comply with the safety regulations. Frequent opening and closing of the container or unintentionally leaving the wipe dispenser open may lead to the evaporation of volatile substances, resulting in a change in the agent concentration.

Incidin Plus –

It has excellent material compatibility and strong cleaning performance with safety in high risk areas at a very low price, as well as an added fragrance which leaves behind a pleasant fresh feeling. Unfortunately, the only disinfectants available were aldehyde based, primarily formaldehyde, which made the task impossible. Application Area and Usage.

Prepare application solution by diluting with water max. No more risk of cancer. Cleaning Liquids in Mumbai. Medical equipment Ecolab Incidin Plus. Incidkn Effective against norovirus Surface disinfection for medical products Disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection of surfaces of any type. Thorough interim cleaning is required for any switch. Nature of Business Manufacturer.


Incidin PLUS

Prices plus VAT plus shipping costs. Gamma Wipe 67 Steriles Pandemic – the word alone evokes a feeling of helplessness. Highly efficient liquid concentrate for the surface disinfection of medical products and surfaces of all types. Broad spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, yeasts and viruses, and effective against Clostridium difficile.

Two disinfectants incdiin different composition–Incidin Plus for surface disinfection and Sekusept Plus for medical devices disinfection, both containing glucoprotamin as the active substance, were investigated in this study in order to analyze their antimicrobial activity.

To be incidni to use Campilo Cleanroom Experts in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Service Hotline Telephone support and counselling under: Associated Offerings Related Products.

Standard bacterial and fungal strains recommended by European Standards, established by European Standardization Committee for testing bactericidal and fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants were used in the study. Call Incodin a quick message. Campilo Tack Heavy In addition, fungal clinical strains isolated from hospitalized patients and outpatients were also included in this study.