Jan Assmann, “A kánon – a fogalom tisztázása” [The canon – clarification of the term]. In Jan Assmann, A kulturális emlékezet [The cultural memory]. Budapest. ASSMANN, Jan. A kulturális emlékezet. Írás, emlékezés és politikai identitás a korai magaskultúrákban, Budapest. Assmann, Jan (), A kulturális emlékezet. Írás, emlékezés és politikai identitás a korai magaskultúrákban (Cultural Memory. Writing, Memory and Political.

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The Hungarian national character is diametrically opposite to the German one.

He is considered this way for two reasons. Times of India National Identity, Penguin Books, London.

Jan Assmann – Wikipedia

Zuletzt, versuchen wir zusammenfassend zu rekonstruieren, wie sie den nationalcharakterologischen Stoff in ihre eigene Konzeption bauen: Inhe was a fellow of the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo, where he continued as an independent scholar from to See the above quoted Preface7.

As a way into this field, I want to recall my own early experience of art history. After that in Heller’s narrative the dominant but valueless tendency of Hungarian philosophy was the very early-dated neo-Kantianism.

Nem kellett hosszasan gondolkoznia, mit is tegyen: Bell, following Ralph Linton’s approach, says that “a modal personality structure is one that appears with more considerable frequency than others, and thus there may be several modes in any distribution of variants.


We could also suggest that they do not fully understand it. F i schbach Rob. Sciences, humanities and the philosophical thought reflecting on them had escaped this scheme in the disciplinarisation process in Hungary and in other parts of the world in the middle of the XIX th century.

He emphasizes the plurality of Hungarian historic-cultural traditions, so refuses the idea of cultural homogeneity. In Hungary the roots of national characterology grew from the climate of the turn of th centuries.

Having suggested something of the role that Hungarian scholars played in establishing art history as an academic discipline in Britain, I would now like to turn to the later history of the subject to compare how art history has developed over recent years in the two countries.

Die zwei Denker sind wohlgemerkt bedeutende Figuren der ungarischen Philosophiegeschichte der Zwischenkriegszeit. Cultural Creolization, Acta Ethnographica Hungarica And yet, there seems to be an absence of interest in this asssmann among modern Hungarian art historians.

Religio Duplex: How the Enlightenment Reinvented Egyptian Religion

Rudolf Trofenik Verlag, This problem was derived from a conception originated from the situation of German philosophy before The book is not without weaknesses. She thinks that kulturis correction is needed: Szontagh is a “former Hegelian” by Vekerdy’s information, which is an aggressive insult for captain Szontagh, head of Hungarian anti-Hegelians.

In the small book Art Theory in Italy Blunt gives a fulsome tribute to Antal whose methods were the inspiration for his approach to the subject. Many have suggested that the essentially empirical tradition which dominated British and American intellectual life especially in the field of history was antithetical to the Idealist tradition of history that lay behind early pioneering art historical theories.


Is the British view of art history in Hungary biased towards a particular set of ideas since it is shaped only by the scholars who left the country and ultimately came to Britain? Over the last 30 years this call for a return to first principles has been manifested in a heightened concern among English-speaking art historians for problems of historiography and methodology. Want to Read saving…. It must be noted here a political aspect of the issue.

Too dry to hold one’s interest. Maga az Egy is rejtjel, mondja Jaspers. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lists with This Book.

Open Preview See a Problem? These books took part in a great debate which was going on in the whole inter-war era on the problem of national character.

Return to Book Page. See, for example, J. William rated it it was ok Jan 13,