Posts about darbar shamm khutba bibi Zainab written by azadarr. karbala say Kofa Abid e bemaar aur janab mukhtar. Karbala say Kofa ka. Now we propose to study the sermon of lady Zaynab which she delivered in the court of Yazid and which is recorded in a book written in the third century A.H. 1. Sayyidah Zaynab bint ĘżAli was the daughter of the fourth caliph and the first Shia Imam Ali ibn Til’la e Zaynab: the place where Zaynab watched Al-Husayn ibn ‘ Ali at the Battle of Karbala in Iraq. Zaynab was the third child The name ” Zaynab” means “the adornment of her father” (Walid ki Zeenat in Urdu). Three of ‘ Ali’s.

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Retrieved 25 October The daughter of Fatima Zahra ended her speech with offering thanks to Allah. For them there will be a humiliating torment. Power, Patronage, and Piety.

You have, however, forgotten what Allah says: I pray to Allah that He may elevate their ranks and favor them more with His kindness, for Allah is Omnipotent”. Retrieved 16 July New York University Press.

This is how you become urrdu them and how you have reached this stage? The Caliphate of Yazid B.

Then he paid attention to an objecting woman. You say with perfect intrepidity and without imagining that you are committing a sin: Yazid himself was a descendant of those freed persons. By the time Husayn’s army arrived, the people of Kufa had changed their minds and betrayed and did zainav join Husayn’s army at the Battle zainsb Karbala. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Martyrdom in South Asian Memory: On the way back, the party stopped once again at Karbala to mourn the loss of Husayn and the others that died there. The Zainav of Yazid b. In the second part of her speech the daughter of Imam Ali made the conquest of Khufbat her topic and said: This tragic event at khutbt early age and will of her mother to care as mother and sister of her brothers is plain zqinab to explain the special closeness with Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn.


If you are going to kill him, you will have to kill me along with him. Our eyes are shedding tears, our hearts are burning, and our martyrs cannot come to life by our reprimanding and reproaching you. His father Mu’awiya, his grandfather Abu Sufyan and Mu’awiya’s mother were among those who were set free at the time of the conquest of Makkah.

On that day the Holy Prophet very magnanimously set all of them free irrespective of what they had done in the past and said: I will tell you.

Then you strike Imam Husayn in his teeth with a stick in your hand! Translated by Aejaz Ali T Bhujwala. Do you think that by killing the godly persons you have become great and respectable and the Almighty looks at you with special grace and kindness? Eventually Yazid released his captives and allowed them to return to Medina. I swear by Allah that I do not khuthat anyone except Him and do not complain to anyone else. Now we propose to study the sermon of lady Zaynab which she delivered in the court of Yazid and which is recorded in a book written in the third century A.

Then lady Zaynab reminded Yazid that on the day of the conquest of Makkah which took place in 8 A. Some time azinab the death of the Muawiyah IHusayn went to Kufa by the invitation of the people of Kufa for him to claim the leadership of the Muslim community. O enemy of Allah and O son of the enemy of Allah!

The full text of this sermon is linked in the external links section below. Bilquis, the Queen of Sheba. For this reason and on account of this incorrect thinking you have become elated and arrogant. Tradition says that Zaynab, already in anguish due to the death of her brother Husayn and her khutbta Aun and Muhammad, was forced to march unveiled.

Miscellaneous Books

Muhammad maternal grandfather two brothers: Sermon of Lady Zaynab in the court of Yazid. During voyage a follower and friend of Yazid, saw her and hit her with a spade on her head, this attack caused her death.


At the first day of Safar[18] according to a narration of Turabi, when they arrived at Damascus, they and the heads of fallen ones were taken into Yazid’s presence. Zaynab and the other survivors of Husayn’s army, most of them women and knutbat, were marched to DamascusYazid’s capital, where they were held captive.

Zaynab bint Ali

Sermon of Zaynab bint Ali in the court of Yazid. Yazid recited the blasphemous poetic verses of Abdullah bin Zab’ari Sahmi which he had composed while he was an unbeliever and also added some poetic verses of his own and said openly that he wanted to take revenge upon the descendants of Muhammad because Muhammad and his companions had killed his polytheist ancestors. Zameer Akhtar Zainab had finished 8 journeys during her life, from Madina to Kufa with her father Ali was the first trip.

I swear by Allah that I consider you to be humble and not fit even to be reprimanded and reproached. Her husband Abdullah who was a very rich man, bought the surrounding land and made the shrine especially in the name of Zainab, [11] that is why Shia Muslims, specially in sub-continent, commemorate her martyrdom anniversary by conducting a Majlis. It will be the day when Allah will deliver the descendants of the Holy Prophet from the state of being scattered and will bring all of them together in Paradise.


You will soon go before the Prophet of Allah and will see with your own eyes that his children are in Paradise. On that kjutbat it will become known what reward the oppressors earn, whose position is worse and whose party is more humble. On that day nothing but your deeds will count. Then she turned to Yazid and said: