By Laura London, aka Sharon and Tom Curtis, , Historical When it was first released in , The Windflower was a revelation to me – a. For years, scarce copies of Laura London’s romance The Windflower were treasured by readers. Reviewer Sarah Wendell hails its. The Windflower By Laura London – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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But I also remember feeling bleak because I was pretty sure that it had permanently ruined me for historical romances. Forever Yours Publication Date: Yet there she was, Merry Wilding – kidnapped in error, taken from a ship bound from New York to England, spirited away in a barrel and swept aboard the infamous Black Joke But in a way I was so glad to see a couple where they don’t immediately jump into bed together once they figure out they have great chemistry.

Trivia About The Windflower. She meets the handsome pirate, Devon Cra The Windflower is one of the best romance novels I have read. There were so many wonderful aspects of this story that made this book a spectacular adventure for me.

Return Of A Classic Romance: ‘The Windflower’ Sails Again

And after reading Windflower, I am wondering how I could be so idiotic as to delay reading this book for so long. Either you believe she’s innocent or you don’t. At first, I had no idea where this author was heading with this story. If I had to guess, I would say that I’ve read well over romances in my life. It’s a pirate story, it’s a loss of innocence story, it’s a hero is a spy for the British story, it’s a war story. DNFed when I got to the part where she willingly gave herself up right after Devon humiliated her, emotionally tortured her and basically treated her like trash.


In May, our book club selection was The Windflower by Laura London, a historical romance originally published in and re-released this year for its 30th anniversary. Once More, My Darling Rogue. It was written in the early s. For those who know me, they know that I read romance. Even after 20 years, Devon, Merry, Cat and Raven still make me cry, laugh and long to be a part of their world. So yay for that!

The Windflower by Laura London

Jul 05, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: He’s the heartless captain of the Black Joke who has taken a special interest in Merry. Now I just need to find a hard copy, lol.

His enigmatic indifference is one of the powerful aspects of his character, as are the moments when he reveals that he does care about some things.

Compared to current historical romances, The Windflower may seem old-fashioned, overly florid, or too dramatic. I could have borne your being Granville’s mistress. I hate it when the hero usually a pirate, duke, sheik, She would instead, bring them to us Merry Wilding, is a heroine I felt like I could be friends with.

Sometimes overwrought, but often wibdflower and perfect: I read it until I could quote character and what they said by page, if you gave me a page number.

This story has a pirate ship, with our heroine, Merry, finding herself at the mercy of a wicked crew. Earlier this week, my reading app on my phone wasn’t saving my notes and bookmarks, and this was making me a little batty.

View all 10 comments. Merry windfloweer hardly spent her life pining to fire artillery, but there aren’t many people who’ll turn down the kind of chance to do it just once without hurting anyone. And so much more Raven, the sweet-natured young man who gets himself into trouble more than once thanks to his crush on Merry.


I loved the characters in this book. Because of that, I can’t give it less than four stars, even with quibbles.

The Windflower by Laura London – FictionDB

Ugh, the last quarter of the book sucked. London, the pen name for authors Sharon and Tom Curtis, took every expected historical trope, from the menacing hero to the ingenue heroine, and subverted and twisted them at the last moment, so the story and the characters never go where you might expect.

The story takes place during the War of Historical romances of this era are often about the arc of growth the heroine goes through, and this wijdflower is no exception – and you just feel for her when things happen or when she learns something awful about humanity. Not Quite a Wife. When windfkower arguments give way to fiercer passion, can a pirate learn to love a woman?

The Taming of Malcolm Grant. The moments between these two are beautifully woven into a captivating story of adventure on the high seas from the shores of the Colonies to windflowr city of London. Now that I’m a “woman of a certain age”, I tend to shy away from teen-aged heroines, too-handsome-to-live heroes, and – for Pete’s sake- pirates, of all things!

Refresh and try again. This was the product of the husband-wife writing team of Sharon and Tom Curtis and some believe it was their best. He’s determined to slowly urge her secrets from her. The First Time at Firelight Falls.