March 20, The Cascadia Wolves series books have gotten a facelift with Pack Enforcer. Book 1. Wolves’ Triad. Book 2. Wolf Unbound. Order, Title, Series, Genre, Date. 1. Enforcer / Pack Enforcer. Paranormal RomancePNR, Apr, Buy. 2. Tri Mates / Wolves’ Triad. Paranormal Romance PNR. Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves) [Lauren Dane] on Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months.

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I really loved this story. Now the menage portion of the story I didn’t really have a issue with. There’s really is no time for a honeymoon. The bad guys just have a walk-on rather than actually do anything.

Continuing story arc about a wolf mafia. This story is so much more than that and I was happy that, that was the case both with jealous sister-in-laws poking their noses in where they aren’t welcome. To ask other readers questions about Tri Matesplease sign up. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. How did no one challenge them in that Pack?

Once I do, it’s over.

There’s only one place to turn for the kind of tracking help she needs. Though things go from shaky to being awful and dangerous when the Cascadia pack members, Alpha and eldest brother Cade, enforcer Lex and his mate Nina along with Tracys parents, Henri and Beth and grandmother Lia all arrive at her mates home and their is a very thin veil covering bubbling animosity towards Tracy.

Wolves’ Triad

I would have loved if they had dual narration of this series. This series might not be for everyone if you have trouble with the tri-bond concept, but I think this is a personal preference issue because they writing is awesome.

I also liked the older man younger women theme. She’s no ordinary witch in need, either – Michelle was his first love. He seems so perfect, there has to be a catch I enjoyed this one though I do have some issues that didn’t sit well for me. Frankly, it could have gone the other way had Gabe made the first move and not Nick. I did feel sorry for him with some of the situations that happened in the story.


This is book 2 in the Cascadia Wolves series. That’s what Tracy Warden has xascadia all her life.

Gabe, now he I really liked but he wasn’t given enough page time. Tracy falls for Nick pretty quickly and their bond cements fast. See 2 questions about Tri Mates….

Once again bad shifter Warren Pellini rears his ugly head, having created a much stronger, more dangerous werewolf mob.

Cascadia Wolves

This was the book I was most curious about when I first ran into this series way back when so I was eager to see how it was handled. They’ll have to figure things out but with chaos within the pack and danger coming from the werewolf mafia. They all had great chemistry together and when it was good it was freaking hot.

Theresa rated it it was ok Aug 16, Dane pays a lot more attention to the dynamics of th I’m enjoying this series more and more, considering how crappy I thought the first book was. It is the fault of the parents of these children that they are now in danger but Tracy doesn’t hold grudges and makes phone calls and arrangements for the children along with their mother to be kept safe until the Pellini situation can be fully taken care of.

I really would have liked to see what they where capable off. Jan 31, Kodie Mackay rated it really liked it Shelves: Alesandra rated it it was ok Oct 05, Georgia rated it it was ok Apr 16, Pellini seems to be attempting to cosy up to the second of the National Pack and its something that has not just the large packs like Cascadia worried, but the smaller ones like Pacific uneasy too. I thought I was going to hate him because he was an insensitive jerk, but he got his act together.


Aug 07, Emily Ventura rated it liked it. This one felt more like just a vehicle for menage scenes of which there are many even while her parents are just inside the house while they are having sex on the porch. I really like Tracy. Nina Cazcadia knows trouble when she sees it, and Lex Warden, Enforcer for the local werewolf pack, is nothing but.

Cascadia Wolves | Lauren Dane

They all grow a lot once they are mated. Nick’s pack and Alpha pair his brother and s-i-l for whom he is Anchor are so weak it’s laughable. The scent of him, the irrefutable way their bodies call to each other—it’s the beginning of a new life for them both.

Really enjoyed the three main characters, they were great together. The character development was well done, the story within the story was fleshed out no pun intendedand the sexy bits were filled with emotions which enhanced the mechanics involved. Still, me not liking that aspect wasn’t enough of a deterrent to keep me from liking everything else t Tracy finds herself with not one, but two mates.

The wolves will still be part of the overall world the series is set in, but it’ll focus strongly on the de La Vega Jaguar Jamboree.

This book was absolutely delicious!!! Riven rated it it was ok Nov 25, She is the sister to the Alpha and his brother. The ending of this book sucked!!!.