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Correct me if i’m wrong though. Still want it after reading this review, though not as badly. I would LOVE to have that leo.

We move on to the truck locomotive head: Really nice and easy to build with!! Though i love the new bikes, the classic ones are really cool too, and here you get two of them!! Real Classic building of cars and pick ups! Very classic building leto, very very similar to Indy Car Carrier and Police Surveille truck. Sign In Sign Up. Next up construction of the statelite: It’s too short in length and the proportions lgeo the wings and engines somehow don’t look right.


Thanks for sharing this review of yours with our vibe community.

LEGO SET 6346-1 – Shuttle Launching Crew

Oh,you almost inspire me to write a review It is so fun to lwgo the classic sets and see the progression from year to year. There are a lot of minifigs for a set of this size as well. Truck and Trailer together! I like your presentation of the minifigs as they seem to assemble the set although a different background would have been nice. Thanks guys so much for all the commends!

I’ve Never seen this before I remember this set was one of my first City ones and I became crazy with all those vehicles!

LEGO Shuttle Launching Crew Set 6346

I Have another review on the Indy Transport, should i post it up also? How do you rate this set? Initially lgo this review some time ago in another local forum but decided to also post here to share the experience. The completed Set all together! I have never seen this set before until I have saw this review of yours, and I must admit that I enjoyed viewing and reading the entire review process.

Will post up the review on the other Indy Transport soon! Can you share pictures of the front and back of the box? Your name as the reviewer.


LEGO Shuttle Launching Crew Instructions , Town

I never had this set myself, but I remember one of my friends had it. Like the design, as others ldgo I think the shuttle in the Launch Command sub-theme from look better and more realistic, like and No of Minifigs if anyFive baby!! Posted February 1, edited. Wanted to take too but forgot i took it apart for 63346 See the similarity to Police Surveille Truck? I’m the King of the World!!

The Escorts bikes are up first. The 5 stud truck and the trailer looks great, also the motorbikes look very good. Sammy Oh Hope you guys like it! A very fine review, legofan.

Posted February 1, The trailer is very nice and long.