Liber Aleph Vel Cxi: The Book of Wisdom or Folly (The Equinox) [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Crowley. (Aleister Crowley). An LVII Sol in 0º 0′ 0“. September 23 e.v. a.m.. Page 2. Liber Aleph – 2. A.·. A.·. Publication in Class B. Liber Aleph – 3. In Hastings. LIBER ALEPH CXI. THE BOOK OF WISDOM OR FOLLY. An extended and elaborate commentary on the Book of the Law, in the form of a letter.

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Liber Aleph – Wikipedia

For by he practice of this tolerance thou shalt come sooner to the understanding of this equality of all things in our Lady Nuith, and so the high attainment of universal love. This book then shall serve thee but as a libfr for thy meditation, as wine to excite thy mind to love and war. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Art hou there, o my Son?

Theadded to Crowley’s own numberproduced the number of this magical son, Thanks for telling us about the problem. For Samadhi is the orgasm of the coition of the Unlike, and is commonly violent, even as the lightning cometh of the discharge between two vehicles of extreme difference of potentials.

Juan rated it really liked it Jan 13, Is it not a marvel how he that worketh with his will and is in constant touch with the reality external, maketh his mind o serve him? All these Symbols are most similar in their Nature, save as the Slaves of the Slave- gods have read their own Formula into the Simplicity of Truth.

August 4, at 9: Set up a regular payment of just GBP5. So to repress one function is to destroy that proportion which is wholesome, and wherein indeed all health and sanity have consistency. Crowley had claimed to be a Freemason, but the regularity of his initiations with the United Grand Lodge of England has been disputed.

Keith rated it it was amazing Aug 27, August 4, at And the Letter of the Man is Tzaddi, whose Number is Ninety; which is Maim, the Water that conformeth itself perfectly with its Vessel, that seeketh constantly its Level, that penetrateth and dissolveth Earth, that resisteth Pressure maugre its Adaptability, that being heated is the Force to drive great Engines, and being frozen breaketh the Mountains in Pieces.


Now this Influx is Fivefold.

Liber ALEPH vel CXI

The Samuel Weiser edition: Donations Membership is free and always will be, but if you like this site, want to keep it free, and can afford to donate towards its running costs, please consider donating. Tad rated it it was ok Jul 24, Hope this is of some use. Also Nine is of Jesod, uniting Change with Stability.

But therefore also hath she no nature of truth, because she is but the Eidolon of an excitement and crowlet going of hy star, and appertaineth not unto its essence and stability.

It shall be unto thee as a chariot to carry thee whither hou wilt; for I have seen in thee independence and sobriety of judgment, with that faculty most rare, most noble llber examine freely, neither obsequious nor rebellious to authority.

Nay, o my son, I will cease this epistle unto thee for awhile, that I may rest in the pleasure of this contemplation, for it is solace ineffable, and recreation like unto sleep among the mountains. In thine own body, the vile intestine is of more worth to thee than the noble hand or he proud eye, for thou canst lose these and live, but not aaleph. For hey make pretence to know a man’s thought better than he doth himself, and to direct his will with more wisdom libfr he, and o make plans for his happiness.

Just a aoeph while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If mine horse balk at a fence, should some varlet come behind him, and strike at his hoofs? The path therefore unto this beatific vision of beauty, o my Son, is that practice of Bhakti Yoga which is written in he book called Eight Score and Fifteen, libeer “Astarte”, by this mine hand when I was in Gaul the beloved, at Montigny that is hard by the Forest of the Blue Fountain, with Agatha my concubine, the very soul of love and of musick, that had ventured herself from beneath the Cross Austral that she might seek me, to inspire and comfort me, and this was my reward from the masters, and consolation in the years of my sorrow.


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Liber Aleph

I say Sooth, it is of my will to bring up this my Wisdom from its silence into my conscious mind, that I may the more easily reflect thereon. Thus if it be thy will to delight in rythm and Oeconomy of words, the advertisement kiber a commodity may offend thee; but if thou art in need of that merchandise, thou wilt rejoice herein. Oh how many are they whom I have seen persisting in a fatal Course, in Sway of the Belief that their dead Rigidity was Exercise of Will.

So then to thee she is but matter and to her thou art but energy, and neither is competent ctowley the formula crowkey the other. It was thine own true will hat bound thee in thine orbit; therefore thou speedest on thy path from glory unto glory in continual joy.

What you have found appears to be an older version of the published script, which would mean that whoever posted it had access to at least luber copy of the un-corrected typescript. So also it may be in love, that two souls, meeting, discover each in the other such wealth and richness of light and love, and in one phase of life or incarnation or even in may, they exhaust not that treasure. Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post.

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Other books in the series. Open Preview See a Problem? Thus, they lose Touch of the Blade of Reality, and it pierceth them.