LM datasheet LM component LM integrated circuit LM schematic LM application note M LM LM83 LM8. LM(LED-DISPLAY) NTE Equvilent NTE INTEGRATED CIRCUIT PMOS LSI ALARM CLOCK CIRCUIT LEAD DIP. NTE Data Sheet Data Sheet. NTE. LM Datasheet: P-MOS LSI / Dual – Alarm Digital Clock / Sanyo DIP 40, LM PDF Download SANYO -> Panasonic, LM Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, .

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LM Datasheet PDF – SANYO -> Panasonic

Those massive numbers are strangely datasheet May I ask – what kind of current do you have to drive those big segments datsaheet Please categorize your post by clicking the ” add tag ” flair button after submitting it.

In this case they use clear enamel, but others can use red, green, blue, etc. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I like your main board too – it’s very nicely done. Submit a new link. The power adaptor I used is 15vac as the gets it’s timing from the 60hz.


If you are just posting pictures or videos with no further write-up, please use the ‘Gallery’ tag. If in doubt, contact the mods before posting. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. LEDs are almost always rated as max current and not as max voltage. Based around the LM Clock chip imgur. Project Made a digital clock using four 5″ displays.

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A useful or insightful technical note on component selection, circuit design or testing etc. To qualify as a project, the details available should allow someone else to make a copy. That turned out awesome. A dayasheet dedicated to news, articles and general discussions related to the field of electronic engineering. Want to add to the discussion?

LM8361 Datasheet PDF – Sanyo Electric

That’s really cool about datahseet the clock from the AC line! Magnet wire typically has an enamel layer applied to it.


Cant find a datasheet for the display. View and contribute to our wiki page for beginners.

My understanding is that pretty much all 7 segment displays have the same pinout as long as they’re of the same type common cathode vs. General pictures or videos related to component-level electronic engineering See posting Rule 1. Do not post about something just because it contains ‘electronics’. General discussions specifications, use and purchasing advice etc.

Tip A useful or insightful technical note on component selection, circuit design or testing etc. Submit a new text post. I dtaasheet say as to your specific one, but even all of the large LED displays I’ve found datasheets for in the past have said 20mA.

I bet they’ll last a long time.

Thank you for the reply – wow that’s impressive they look pretty bright for low current. Would they be around 20 mA? Log in or sign up in seconds.